What does God say about abortion?

In the Bible God does not speak about abortion but He recognizes the unborn baby as a person who has value. God forbids the killing of innocent people but He offers forgiveness to those who repent.

Is a fetus a person?

Yes, the Bible shows that the fetus is already a person. God forms the person within his mother and already has plans for the life of the embryo ( Psalm 139: 13-16 ). Several people in the Bible have been called by God from the womb:

  • Jeremiah – Jeremiah 1: 5
  • John the Baptist – Luke 1: 13-15
  • Paul – Galatians 1:15

Scientifically, from the moment of conception, DNA has all the information necessary to become a complete adult person. There is no safe criterion for saying that life only begins after a certain degree of development. If so, depending on the interpretation, it could be from the moment when you have all the organs or when you reach puberty!

The same arguments that say that a fetus is not a person can be used against a six-month-old child. Science does not help to identify the moment when we become people.

And the rights of the mother?

God defends the protection of women. Every woman should have the right to protection against unwanted pregnancies. Raising a child is a big responsibility. Many women miscarry because the child father does not take his part in that responsibility. The fault of the abortion lies with both parents (Exodus 23: 7 ).

Actions have consequences. Even using protection, there is always the possibility that intercourse will result in pregnancy. Anyone who is not open to the idea of ​​having children should not have a sexual relationship. The child is not just an organ of the mother’s body; it is a distinct entity with different DNA. Killing a child just because it is not wanted is cruel ( Deuteronomy 5:17 ).

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Disability is not a reason to abort a baby. If killing a child is a sin, killing an even more vulnerable child is also a sin. Disability tests are not always correct in the diagnosis. The great difficulty comes when the mother’s life is in danger. There, this is a decision that only parents can make, asking God for help ( James 1: 5 ).

But there are situations when women are forced. First of all, this should never happen and the aggressor deserves to be severely punished. Having a child as a result of rape is a painful and traumatic experience and a woman needs a lot of help and compassion. The Bible does not provide a solution, but it is important to remember that:

  • Abortion can make the situation worse– in addition to the pain of being abused, many women who miscarry suffer a lot of guilt over the death of their child
  • Abortion promotes aggression– many long-term abusers force their victims to abort to eliminate the evidence and continue the aggression
  • There are alternatives– before opting for abortion, the mother can always consider adoption; many families wish to adopt babies

Does God forgive abortion?

God forgives all the sins of those who repent, including abortion (1 John 1: 9). If you feel guilty because you miscarried, helped or pressured someone to have an abortion, ask for forgiveness and God will forgive you. Abortion is wrong but God loves you very much and wants to restore your life.

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