Doubting is a sin?

Doubt is sin when it takes away our faith. Having doubts is normal, but we must not let doubt become stronger than faith. The best way to end the doubt is to seek the answer, trusting God.

What is doubt?

Doubt is not being sure, or feeling insecure, about something. Everyone doubts and a healthy dose of doubt is important to not believe any lies, but many doubts confuse.

Doubt needs to be balanced with faith. For example, it is wise to doubt the safety of a dilapidated building but it is unwise to doubt the safety of all the buildings you enter. To have a normal life, you need to believe that most buildings are safe. Exaggerated doubt is debilitating ( James 1: 6-8 ).

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What does the Bible say about doubt?

The Bible talks about doubt that is not healthy. Our faith is not without foundation; we have a lot of evidence to support ( 2 Peter 1:16 ). The doubts that arise are no reason to stop having faith. We will never have all the answers but we have many reasons to believe.

Without faith it is impossible to please God ( Hebrews 11: 6 ). When a doubt arises, it does not mean that we no longer have faith. We just need to learn to respond to doubts with faith. We cannot let doubt prevent us from doing God’s will.

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How to fight doubt?

  • Trusting God– pray to God, asking for His guidance to resolve the doubt; trust that He will help you – James 1: 5
  • Looking at everything– look for evidence, it will strengthen your faith – 1 Thessalonians 5:21
  • Studying the Bible– the Bible must be our measure to distinguish right from wrong, because it is the truth – 2 Timothy 3: 16-17
  • Rejecting doubt– some doubts persist, even when you know the truth; this is an attack by the enemy to destroy you, but when it does, reject the thought and declare the truth –James 4: 7
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