God and the Proof of His Existenc

What Do You Believe About the Creator?

Let us first begin by admitting that we are not gods nor do we have the knowledge about everything. It is also necessary to remove from our minds and hearts, any harmful and preconceived notion of how it all happened and how it is being sustained and perpetuated. This is the first critical step in gaining any true knowledge and establishing evidence-based facts.

Ask anyone the following question: “Do you believe in God?” and you are sure to receive a variety of responses. The question should be “What do you believe about God?”

Think about it:

If there is a creation , there must be a Creator.

If there is a Creator, He must be the sustainer.

The Creator cannot create Himself.

If He is the only Creator / Sustainer – He must be ONE.

“Say:“ He is Allah, One. Allah is the Requested. It did not and was not generated. And there is no one like Him. ” [Holy Quran 112: 1-4]

God must be one. Otherwise, we would see great differences and competition between the gods, if there were more than one – Alone.

Do we agree that this is a creation? Or do we accept that nothing came out of nowhere to form this entire universe?

This is a very clear message from Allah, in the Holy Quran. Something does not come out of nowhere. So, there must be something already in existence, which created everything we know exists. And that “something” needs to be called out in times of need and thanksgiving. As Allah said in His Book: “I just created you all to worship me alone.”

As Allah said in the Holy Quran:

“And I didn’t create jinns and humans except to worship Me.” [Holy Quran 51:56]

He also says that we are all being tested by Him, regarding wealth, families, children and social status.

“And, in truth, I put you to the test, with something of fear and hunger and the scarcity of wealth and people and fruit. And he had made Paradise for the persevering ”[Holy Quran 2: 155]

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