The Atmosphere Falls on the Earth!

Do you know what the weight of the atmosphere is? Can it fall to Earth? What makes it stable and connected to Earth? It is the gravity and also the thickness of the atmosphere….

My dear, to understand the word “heaven” that is mentioned in the Holy Quran, we must know that the atmosphere is our heaven. In the Arabic language “anything above you is your sky”, it contains clouds that are the source of the rains, God says:

“And we brought water down from the sky, just enough; and we made it remain on earth – and, of course, we are Mighty, to make it disappear ”[Holy Quran 23:18]

The sky spans billions of light years and all the galaxies seen and cosmic dust are in the sky of the world, but the Holy Quran has told us about the possibility of the sky falling on our heads.

At the time of the descent of the Holy Qur’an, nobody knew that the atmosphere is so heavy and nobody knew that the elimination of that atmosphere can cause many dangers. The Holy Qur’an told us about this reality in a great verse when God reminds us with his graces and how He Almighty prevents this cover from being eliminated.

At the time of the descent of the Holy Qur’an, no one knew that air had a weight and, if we calculated that weight, we can think it is up to 5 billion billion kilograms! Therefore, the atmosphere that is our sky is very heavy.

Imagine, what can happen if a stone that weighs 5 billion billion pounds falls on the earth? The one who holds this atmosphere is Allah while He explored the rules for his unlimited power, for example, if the density of the atmosphere is less than it is, then it can evaporate and escape in space and if the gravity is less than it is The Earth maybe can’t maintain the atmosphere. Therefore, Allah Almighty chose the right size and weight for the Earth to maintain the tenacious atmosphere. Therefore, we can understand the verse:

“… And that He sustains heaven, so as not to fall on earth, except with His permission? Certainly, Allah, towards men, is Compassionate, Merciful. ” [Holy Quran 22:65]

We can understand this verse in two ways without contradiction between science and the Holy Quran:

  1. Understanding that heaven is the atmosphere is correct, just as God prevents it from falling on us by His power, for if that were to happen, life would be exterminated.
  2. If we understand that the sky (atmosphere) is outer space, we will be sure when the collision of any space rock or meteors will cause a destructive disaster. Scientists say that the possibility of any object colliding with Earth is so high, but the power of Allah Almighty keeps our earth protected from external and internal dangers.


by Abdullah Sam
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