Does God forgive everyone?

Yes, God forgives anyone who truly repents and accepts Jesus as their lord. No matter how many sins he committed or how serious they were, Jesus’ sacrifice paid for everything ( Romans 3:22 ). God also makes no distinction of age, sex, race, culture, or previous religion; all are the same. The past is erased and there is no more condemnation ( Romans 8: 1-2 ).

What about people who did really bad things?

God forgives! Just regret it. Repentance implies a change, the person’s life will no longer be the same. The Bible is full of examples of people who did terrible things but repented and God used them in a powerful way. At least 13 of the 28 New Testament books were written by an assassin – Paul ( 1 Timothy 1:15 ). Before his conversion, Paul persecuted and arrested Christians and helped to kill Stephen, a man of integrity. But when Jesus was revealed to him, his attitude changed completely. Paul became a great missionary and a witness for Christ.

Jesus did not distinguish between people. He showed his love both to honorable people and to thieves, con artists, prostitutes and adulterers. Your love is unconditional. This means that it does not depend on what we did or didn’t do, He loves us because we are God’s creatures.

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But isn’t that unfair?

No. All sin leads to death, no matter how big it is in our eyes ( Romans 3:23 ). For God, all sin is abhorrent. We are all in the same situation. Likewise, Jesus’ sacrifice blots out all sins in the same way, restoring our fellowship with God.

This does not mean that there are no more consequences. We are all still going to die physically. And some sins will have other consequences throughout life. God forgave David for his adultery but his illegitimate baby still died ( 2 Samuel 12: 13-14 ). Paul had great difficulty in gaining the trust of other Christians at the beginning of his ministry ( Acts 9:26 ). Other sins have other consequences, like imprisonment.

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Whoever repents of his “great” sin will sometimes need to make amends and ask forgiveness from those who have done wrong. And those who only committed “small” sin need to show mercy and forgiveness, remembering that their sins were as bad as those of others, in the eyes of God. Whether you just told a little lie, or you are a corrupt politician who has people murdered, Jesus died for you.

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