Global heart failure

Global heart failure . It is the syndrome that can be observed more frequently, since it is very difficult to clinically verify left or right ventricular failure on its own, since one makes the other insufficient due to its hemodynamic repercussion. Therefore, we can find heart failure with a predominance of right manifestations or with a predominance of left manifestations.


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  • 1 Clinical manifestations
    • 1 Pathogenesis
  • 2 Medical Treatment
  • 3 Sources

Clinical manifestations

You have signs and symptoms of left and right heart failure .


  1. Congenital heart disease
  2. Atrial septal defect
  3. Interventicular communication
  4. Persistence of the arteriovenous duct
  5. Coarctation of the aorta
  6. Transposition of great vessels
  7. Common trunk
  8. Abnormal drainage of pulmonary veins
  9. Valvulopathies, both due to insufficiency and stenosis
  10. Primary heart diseases
  11. Cardiomyopathies
  12. Severe arrhythmias
  13. Acute diffuse glomerulonephritis
  14. Severe anemia
  15. Arterial hypertension
  16. Rheumatic fever
  17. Extensive IMA
  18. Iatrogenesis

Medical treatment

  1. General care measures
  2. a) Rest: it is the ideal methodto deduce the work of the heart , which is achieved by reducing the metabolic oxygen demand through physical and mental rest. Rest increases renal plasma flow , increases glomerular filtration and facilitates 
  3. b) Oxygen therapy: all the cellsof the organism require the continuous and sufficient administration of oxygen, therefore: – It will be used if necessary – They will maintain the permeable airways – Eliminate the bronchial secretions
  4. c) Diet: The dietary treatment of people with heart failurevaries according to the amount or when decompensation is present. Restrictions may focus on calories (weight reduction), sodium (edema reduction), and fat (lipid reduction). Individuals on a salt-free diet should be monitored for possible hyponatremia .


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