How should I give an interview? Important tips and asked questions

To be successful one has to go through many struggles and the one who does not get scared by these struggles and keeps moving forward on his / her path, he / she is successful. When we are moving from school to college, first of all we have to struggle in new environment and finally when we finish our college and go for job then we have to face interview.

We can say that this is the most important stage of life because it shows our ability and also determines the life to come. If we think that the interview can be passed by rote then we are completely wrong because in the interview the general questions are exposed to unusual intelligence.

Today, most of the interviews are in English language. In such a situation, you should have some English. However, even if you do not know English, you can still give an interview in Hindi. But, it is better that you learn to speak English .

Now it comes to know how to answer these questions wisely? If you are thinking about this topic then you need not worry because we will tell you the best ways to succeed in the interview but before that we discuss the necessary items for the interview.

  1. Arouse Self-Confidence

If you are going to give an interview, first of all you should check your level of self-confidence. You should make sure that you answer all the questions asked in the interview firmly.

Even you should keep your every opinion firmly because in the interview it is seen that you are very firm on your point.

  1. Speak the truth

There is a halt to the interview and the salary is good, then some people want to get a job in some way and most of it is seen that they lie in the interview but it is unfair.

We are not saying this only because of civilization or religion, but we are saying this according to the future. Suppose a person gets a job even by lying, but when he goes to work, he always persecutes him that his lies may be caught and he has to leave the job.

We should try to avoid this thing so that we can do any work honestly.

  1. View job type and format

We should not only worry about whether we will be selected in Interview or not, but we should take complete information about that company before going to any interview. We must check whether the job is in line with our qualifications or not, because many times it happens that the job is not suitable to our abilities and hence we are not able to meet its criteria.

  1. Show clean personality

Whenever you go to give an interview, show your personality attractively. It is said that “the first effect is the final effect” and the first effect is from the personality itself, then show your personality as a serious person because in the interview it is seen how serious you will be about work. Thus you should present an attractive and clean personality.

  1. Answer the questions correctly

We are all human beings and it is not possible that we have complete knowledge of all things. The answer to many questions asked in the interview may be that what should we do if we are not coming? If ever such a situation comes to you, you should simply accept that you do not know the answer, without losing your self-confidence.

But sometimes even after saying this, you are asked for your opinion, in such a situation, you should strongly state your thoughts. At that time do not think that you are wrong or right. Just keep in mind that whatever you tell, tell it unabashedly.

  1. Describe the qualifications correctly

You should always give your qualifications truthfully. You must make sure that you are showing the same qualifications in the CV that actually exist in you. You want to get the job in any way and for this you are writing the CV in the qualifications which are necessary for the company but you are not, then you are definitely taking a big risk which prove you to be false Doing it can ruin your career.

  1. Avoid debate

Sometimes it happens that during the interview a question is asked which you answer correctly but still you are told that you are not right. In this side, wrong answer is told to you instead of correct answer and it is said that if it is right then in such a situation you should keep your vote peacefully.

You should slowly explain that your answer is actually correct. If possible, also present some evidence or statistics in favor of your answer, but avoid debates at all. Those taking interviews know that your answer is correct, but they want to see your tolerance and behavior by telling you wrong.

  1. Show honesty

Answer any question in such a way that honesty and flexibility can be seen clearly in your personality. You should present your true self and take care that you do not do anything that presents your personality negatively.

Important questions asked in interview

  1. Tell us about your subject? (interview tips tell me about yourself in hindi)

This is the most important question asked in the interview and you are expected to answer this question in the best way. When you are asked about you, tell your name first before you say anything. It is possible that you do not ask this question first and after some questions, even if you tell your name.

After this, you can tell the name of your father or if you do not want, then you can tell about the subject of your study. This question is asked to get a glimpse of your entire personality, then it is better that you answer in appropriate words. .

  1. What is your power?

This question is asked to see your tolerance and you should give a satisfactory answer to it, but it is important to keep in mind that you give the real answer. If you lie in the guise of making yourself great, it changes the virtual image of your personality, just as if you exaggerate your abilities, it communicates negative energy towards you. Remember that your abilities are your strength, but you should not tell those abilities which are not there.

  1. What is your weakness?

This question is negative but in the interview it means positive. You should answer this question very carefully. You can answer this in this way, “I always want to do any work completely and hence I have to struggle a lot. I always want to do anything best and I often have to devote more time than I need to. ” Actually this answer shows your compulsion but it has a positive effect on other people.

  1. Why should we choose you?

Do not panic at all from this question, rather you can assure them that you had applied keeping in mind the requirements of the job and you have all the qualifications that are required for this job.

  1. What do you expect for a salary? (what are your salary expectations?)

When you are asked this question, do not price more than you need, rather say that you hope for the salary that is best for this job. You should take care that you do not do anything that will negatively impact you. Fall on others.

  1. Why do you want to do this job? (why do you need this job?)

The best answer to this is to make them believe that you want to use your abilities properly and at the same time you also hope that you will expand your ocean of knowledge and experience.

  1. How will you face any problem? (how will you face any situation?)

Whenever you are asked this question, you can tell about your past experience, how you faced problems with conviction and also assure that you solve any problem with tolerance.

  1. Do you have any question? (do you have any question?)

This question gives an opportunity to resolve your doubts properly. You can ask about any type of dilemma about the job or company.

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