Essay on Holi: festival, significance and story

Essay on Holi

Holi is such a festival, on hearing its name, it becomes a reflection of colors in our mind. This festival is celebrated all over India. This festival is celebrated in the month of Falgun i.e. March. This festival is called the festival of joy, celebration and fun.

The festival of Holi is also known as the festival of colors. Worship is done on the day of Chhoti Holi, and the festival of Holi with colors and water is celebrated with great pomp on the day of Dulhandi. This festival is considered as a colorful festival. This festival is very important in Hinduism. In India and some neighboring countries of India, this festival is celebrated with full devotion and enthusiasm.

People of all religions celebrate this unique festival with love. Spring time also starts with this festival. The entire environment becomes very beautiful in the month of spring. New flowers come on the plants, which enhances the beauty of nature.

Holi festival

Holi is celebrated on the last day of Phalgun month. All people gather different types of wood and during the night, they celebrate festivals and worship by setting fire to a large pile of straw and wood. All people sing and dance by playing the dholak and dhol. As soon as the pile of Holi is burnt, all the people go back to their home.

On the second day, the main festival is celebrated with full fervor. Everyone congratulates by putting color together. We get hugs, big elders give blessings and we age people enjoy the festival with colors and water among ourselves. Everyone forgets all differences and play Holi at that time there is no rich religion, there is no rich poverty. Young children pour water on all of them with a water-filled atomizer.

On the day of Holi everyone is jubilant, they are busy dancing, singing and celebrating. In the evening, everyone goes to his house to meet his friends and relatives. After the exhausting celebrations of Holi, everyone fills his stomach with delicious dishes.

Why do you celebrate Holi?

There is a very old and entertaining story behind celebrating Holi festival.

Holi festival got its name from Holika who was the sister of the demon Hiranyakashyap. Hiranyakashyap had received a boon from Lord Vishnu that no one can kill him in the day nor in the night, no human can kill him nor any animal, he will not die in the house and not even outside, he nor the land But will not die in the sky. Due to this boon, Hiranyakashipam became very proud and announced that all people will worship me, God will not be worshiped.

But the devotee Prahlada did not obey the words of his father and did devotion to Lord Vishnu which enraged Hiranyakashyap. Hiranyakaship ordered that Prahlada be thrown from the mountain but Prahlada was not hurt. The demon Hiranyakashyap trapped Prahlada in the well but did not even touch it, later Hiranyakashyap poisoned Prahlada and turned that poison into honey. Giant elephants were left behind Prahlada but Prahlada did no harm.

The next time Prahlada’s father locked Prahlada in a closed room of snakes, but Prahlada came back alive. Finally Hiranyakashyap called his sister Holika and asked her to sit in the fire with Prahlada. A shoal was given to save Holika from the fire. But due to the wind, the shola fell on Prahlada and Holika’s shoal was removed, due to which Prahlada survived and Holika survived. Lord Vishnu took an avatar that was neither human nor animal.

That avatar was half man and half lion, that avatar killed Hiranyakashipu at the threshold of his house in the evening. So every year Holika Dahan takes place and shows that evil always loses. Holi is celebrated on the next day of Holika Dahan. One reason for celebrating Holi is that it conveys the beginning of spring. This festival shows the importance of new energy and new life.

Importance of Holi

Holi is the major festival of Hinduism. It is a festival full of fun and energy. This festival inspires us to be friends and do good work. This festival teaches us that if we forget all the discrimination, fight and fight for one day, forget the difference of richness of poverty, then we can live happily.

Some ‘Ravan’ of Holi

On the day of Holi, some people spoil this beautiful festival by drinking alcohol. Some people behave profanely and use harmful colors.

Also many people harass people in the name of celebration. In such a situation, we should stay away from such people.

In the end, we should play Holi after taking care of our health and skin. Everyone should take care of their eyes. Reduce wastage of water. Celebrate this happy festival with a lot of love and spread sweets by spreading happiness.

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