Ginger: beneficial properties, slimming and natural remedies

Ginger is the Italian name of Zingiber officinale, perennial herbaceous plant native to East Asia, with a pungent and almost spicy aroma, it is used in cooking as a flavoring and above all as a stimulant of digestion.
Ginger is an energetic digestive stimulant, in fact it is particularly used in addition to meat dishes, since historically, knowing its strong antioxidant activity on fats and other foods, it facilitated its digestion and also its preservation.

An excellent tonic for our digestion

For the same reason and because it tones the entire digestive system, it has also proved effective in cases of gastritis and ulcer, or headache , even more so if caused by difficult digestion.
It is in fact mostly used against dyspepsia: in cases of loss of appetite or slow and laborious digestion, flatulence, meteorism and intestinal swelling; it has also been shown to be effective against car sickness, nausea and vomiting in pregnancy, in general it is an excellent antiemetic.

This plant works by alleviating the symptoms of inflammation of the gastric mucosa and preventing the formation of ulcers , recent studies give this root anticancer properties; in fact it would have a protective function against colorectal cancers.

Its anti-inflammatory properties are also used to prepare eye drops that have a great decongestant action , in cases of eye inflammation, allergy, swelling of the eyelids, or simply for refreshing and sanitizing eye washings.
Used for external applications, Ginger has a slight revulsive action, meaning that it stimulates circulation and, when applied to the skin, is used to make applications against rheumatism, dental pain or mosquito bites.

Use it also in case of cold, cough or sore throat, in the form of herbal teas!

You can take it with comfortable vegetable capsules before a journey, for example, or we can prepare a glass of warm water in which we melt a teaspoon of ginger powder, or eat candied ginger, or even prepare a root decoction, filtering first to drink.

Ginger melts fat

It has a thermogenic effect, ie it produces heat and burns calories. This makes it suitable for those who want to lose weight, as long as used as part of a balanced diet, it would seem useful to chew a small piece of fresh ginger root several times a day before meals.

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