How to get rid of fat located in the belly

How to get rid of fat located in the belly


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It is a fact that the belly fat is the most annoying to be eliminated: you can do several sit-ups, cut the nonsense of food and still it will be there, ready to mark blouses.

Abdominal fat does not only interfere with aesthetics, the accumulation can also trigger various diseases, that is, ending fat is not freshness, but health issue!

Why is she so annoying to be eliminated?

What makes abdominal fat so difficult to eliminate is that it surrounds the tissues, that is, it is located around the internal organs and a simple abdominal exercise cannot reach it.

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The belly fat is actually visceral fat. It may seem harmless, but when there is an excess buildup, there is a much greater chance that you will develop diabetes, heart disease and suffer a stroke.

The cause of the build-up is not restricted to just eating too much fat. Several factors can trigger it and the origin can even be genetic! If everyone in your family has a tummy, I’m sorry to tell you, but you probably will too.

Hormonal rates can also be found guilty. Estrogen, in an exaggerated dose, increases the fatty tissue in the belly which ends up storing more hormone. The imbalance confuses the body and it can no longer burn this fat.

So, before you start taking steps to get a six pack abs, you need to see your hormonal rates.

Exterminating the fat

To end this evil once and for all, nothing to close your mouth; your food must be modified and not canceled! As always, food is our source of energy and is also responsible for making the body sculptural.

To toast the belly fat it is necessary to ingest monounsaturated fatty acids. Anyone who remembers biology classes must remember that fat means fat and that’s exactly what we need: good fat!

This good fat is found in dried fruits , nuts , oils , olives and dark chocolate . And our regime will be based on these ingredients combined with lighter dishes such as brown rice, salads, fruits, vegetables and white meats.

Tips to eliminate fat!

  • The abdominals will not remove the fat, they only strengthen the muscles of the region, which already helps a lot, because together with a good diet, you can have a slimmer waist. (Exercises to lose body measurements)

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  • Do not drink any liquids during meals, especially soft drinks! When we drink water, for example, along with food, the stomach gets bigger and over time, it will get used to that more swollen size and you will need to eat more to feel full. Since your body doesn’t need as much food, it will end up storing the excess in the form of fat.
  • If your gut is not working properly, include fiber in your diet. Raw salads and bagasse oranges help eliminate stools, which weigh on your stomach.
  • Also eat foods rich in omega 3 (such as salmon, tuna and cod) that prevent the accumulation of fat in the belly.
  • Drink a detoxifying tea: it helps to remove toxins from the body that hinder weight loss and accumulate fat. (Juices detoxifying recipes)
  • Avoid milk and cheese! Both produce many gases that make the belly swollen.
  • Continued stress also makes you sick! So relax, do what you like best and sleep well!
  • Remove refined products such as rice, sugar, pizza and cookies from your food.
  • Drink two tablespoons of vinegar diluted in half a glass of water, half an hour before lunch and dinner. Vinegar prevents the accumulation of insulin and reduces appetite.
  • Do not spend too much time on an empty stomach. After waking up, already have your breakfast. Studies have shown that this habit lowers LDL (the bad cholesterol that causes tummy) and leaves insulin at stable levels.
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