Difference between physical endurance and muscle strength

If you can’t stand the hustle and bustle of everyday life and feel finished after a day at work or after a Physical Education class, it’s time to get out of a sedentary lifestyle and increase your physical stamina or muscle strength .

The stamina and muscle strength have a huge difference; the first can help remove all that tiredness after a hard day, and the muscular strength helps you not to face muscle pain or feel weak because you can’t bear the weight of a heavier box or even a baby.

The difference

Those who do not like physical exercises think that they are only necessary for those who want to sculpt the body.

But it’s not like that, if you lead a sedentary life and don’t even get up to fetch water in the kitchen, your muscles will become weak over time to complain about any extra effort you make.

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Having a healthy body goes far beyond beauty, for example, how many times did you get on the bus totally out of breath because you had to go to the point? See, how good conditioning can make a difference in your life?

To understand what type of exercise you need, you need to know what your body is asking for: more resistance or more strength?

  • Physical enduranceis your body’s ability to perform activities that require effort. Among them, that basic run in search of the bus, the climb up the steps and even sexual activity!
  • Muscle strengthis the amount of weight your body can handle, for example, carrying that heavy bag from the supermarket or holding a baby in your arms.

Resistance physical exercises

Once you’ve identified your body’s need, it’s time to start moving! For those who are out of breath for anything, it is necessary to increase physical endurance by walking , cycling or leaving the elevator aside to use the stairs .

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Of course, you will not become an athlete overnight, respect your limit and do not want to follow the pace of friends or other people.

Try to create a routine, always leave the house at the same time for your body to get used to the new habit. In time, when the time for exercise comes, your body will be asking for a run.

Dance lessons are also a great option to increase endurance and you will have other benefits, such as socializing more and finally learning to dance to a song in the club. (Alternative exercises to lose weight: dance)

All aerobic exercises help to enhance your physical endurance. If you don’t like hiking, look for step or jump classes. There is always a new way for you to discover, do not be discouraged!

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Physical exercises for strength

If you are weak and can’t take the weight of anything, the only way to reverse this situation is to enroll in the gym. Muscle strength is only obtained with weight training.

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The little ones will be responsible for making your arms more turned and stronger. Don’t be embarrassed if at first you only manage to lift one kilo and still think it is too heavy. The muscle gain is gradual and everyone starts with little weight. Push-ups, squats and various repetitions will be on your exercise circuit.

I don’t like gym very much and if you are like me, you can follow my tips to end up liking bodybuilding:

  • Look for the time that you feel best, I loved to go out in the morning when it was still fresh.
  • Pull a friend to go along, so one motivates the other (but don’t call that friend who complains about everything).
  • Schedule your day always including gym hours: don’t make exercise just an option, in time you will end up replacing it with something else.
  • Do not think twice before leaving home: if you think, laziness will command your thoughts and your legs
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