How to get money (zeni) easily in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

We offer you a series of tricks and tips to get money (zeni) easily in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot and be able to buy any item in the game.

Getting money in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will help us to buy a series of useful items such as healing Vita drinks or ingredients for cooking . Although at first we do not understand exactly what we can use this money for, as the adventure unfolds we will realize that having a few Zenit to spare in your pocket always comes in handy. For this reason, and as part of this complete guide , we detail how to get money easily in the game, since we will not get it when completing battles (as happens in the vast majority of games).

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How to get money (zeni) easily

As you know, the title offers us a series of secondary missions to perform in order to help the characters of the Dragon Ball universe. Once we complete these missions and as a bonus , these characters will give us a series of rewards among which we find experience and D medals (to train our super attacks) but also various objects that could seem useless to a super warrior such as necklaces or watches . Even so, these items are the ones that we can sell at a high priceand thus make us gold in order to use that money to buy objects that are really useful to us (those mentioned above) or to carry out activities such as paying the Divine Baba and others.

To sell these objects we need to go to any store or merchant who find in the cities of the game and down in the menu items in the game until you find those in whose description is what “can sell for many Zeni “. They usually carry the adjective “pretty” in their description . In addition to rewarding side quests, we can also earn these valuable items by randomly picking them up through the game’s open stages , so we recommend exploring them often in order to be one step closer to getting rich.


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