How to run an Auction and instantly defeat enemies in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

We offer you a series of tricks and tips to master the Finish in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot and get instantly kill various enemies.

Performing auctions in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is an easy way to finish off the minor enemies that patrol the various areas of the map automatically. With this trick that we teach below we will get the bonuses that they would give us by completing a normal combat (Zeni, experience and Orbs Z ) much easier and without causing us to waste our time. You’ll find this kind of cheat as part of this complete game guide .

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How to run a Finisher and defeat enemies instantly

The first thing we must do in order to perform auctions is to locate ourselves in one of the open world scenarios that Dragon Ball Z Kakarot presents. After that, we must move quickly thanks to the Ki impulse that we obtain by pressing R3 (in the case of PlayStation 4) and advance until we see a blue arrow that indicates the nearby location of a lower level enemy. If we follow this arrow and hit the enemy with our momentum, we will automatically finish him off and perform one of the aforementioned shots .

Thanks to this trick we can skip the battle that involves finishing them manually but you must bear in mind that it will only work with certain enemies that have a lower level than ours and if we hit them effectively and directly . This is one of the tips that we can give ourselves to get experience easily as well as getting Z orbs,that can help us enhance our super attacks, something essential in order to face certain powerful enemies of the game. In addition, it is an action that you could perform at any time and it will not be subject only to the free time that we have the intervals between sagas of the plot of the game, so any moment is adequate to kill a few enemies by means of auctions.


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