How to Get Up Early: Tips for Waking Up with More Energy

Getting up early is certainly one of the most popular purposes among most people, but also one of the most difficult to maintain.

It is one of the first habits that we must acquire if we want to generate important changes in our life .

Don’t start your day with stress and rush to work. Have a better breakfast or do some sports in the morning. Have more time to work on your projects. For all these purposes and many more, the first thing we have to achieve is to get up earlier in the morning .


The most important thing is to find the motivation to convince yourself that you want to get up earlier . Think about why you do it and what you will get. More time to do things, more energy, have a leisurely breakfast. Use it to motivate you.

You will have to train your will power to fight against that little inner voice that says “stay 5 more minutes” . The trick is not to listen to it, or if you listen to it, think that it is not you, that you want something else.

I think the gesture of getting out of bed costs the same 15 minutes sooner than later, exactly the same! So why delay it? We will only feel worse about ourselves for not having fulfilled our purpose. Once you’ve gotten up, it’s not that bad 😉

If you easily forget your motivation, you can put reminders on yourself . Name the alarms on your phone: “Be healthier and more handsome!”, “Get an outstanding”, “Get more customers!” or “Today is a special day”. Or leave notes on the nightstand, bathroom mirror, or even in the fridge. They will help you to always keep your objective in mind.


You can’t pretend to go to bed at 12 or 1 in the morning and get up at 6. You have to try to go to bed a little earlier.

Think that normally the last hours of the day are the least productive since the mind is tired of the whole day. If you go to sleep earlier, you will probably take time off television or social media, and trade it for productive time that you will earn in the morning . When you see how clear your mind is in the morning, and the energy you have after breakfast to do productive things, you will motivate yourself to keep doing it.

Of course there are people who are more inspired to work at night, and prefer to go to bed late doing something productive. Everyone has to find their best moment.


To help you fall asleep more easily it is good to have a nighttime routine . Dining lightly and at least 1 hour before bedtime will facilitate sleep.

It is also recommended not to use electronic devices for a while before sleeping , so the body is “disconnecting” and later it is easier to fall asleep.

It is best to read for a while in bed. Take the opportunity to read that book that you never have time and it will give you much more than C roasts at first sight 😉


If you usually get up at 8, trying to get up at 6 in the morning is going to be very difficult. You may do it the first day, but you will be very tired and the following days your body will ask you to return to the time it is used to.

To solidify the habit, it is best to go little by little. The first day set the alarm 15 minutes before , the second day, repeat 15 or go up to 20 minutes. And so on until you reach the time you want to get up.

The first few days you should try to do it even on weekends, to get used to it, then you can afford to fail someday.


During the first week in San Diego we suffered a lot from Jet Lag and woke up at 5 in the morning. Our body was used to the Spanish time. We have already been doing this time zone, but even so, we wake up every day around 7 without too much effort. And one of the most important causes is that there are no blinds here and the light enters through the window from dawn.

When you sleep the body secretes melatonin , the sleep hormone. Sunlight interrupts this production, so the body begins to wake up on its own without you realizing it, and in a natural and relaxed way .

When it is early dawn it is easy to do it, the problem occurs  when you have to wake up before dawn , in winter for example. Solar alarm clocks work quite well for this , simulating sunrise from half an hour before the scheduled time .

We in Madrid had one that we love. It lights up the entire room like a sunrise and it also has relaxing sounds like water and birds 🙂 Nothing to do with the classic biipp biippp!


It is not good to get up running and in a hurry, take a few minutes to wake up calmly and go slowly finding the necessary motivation to jump out of bed .

Think about your goals, put on the radio or a song that you like happy and lively, and you will see how your mood changes completely. You can even dance!

Seeing motivational phrases also helps. A phrase that we had in the Madrid apartment right on the wall in front of the bed was:

Another very good morning habit is spending a few minutes in bed thanking yourself for what you have. Thinking 3 good things helps you put yourself in an attitude of gratitude and you will leave home with a smile that is easier to face the rest of the day 🙂

The only way to make your DREAMS come true is to WAKE UP #motivation #madrugar ”#emprender


  1. MOVE

Endorphins !! What better way to start the day than with these hormones of happiness. You will activate your body and have extra energy and motivation for the rest of the day.

Exercise not only makes you think better, be healthier and happier (scientifically proven), it also helps you prevent and combat stress .

You don’t have to go out for an hour or go to the gym. Even a small 10 minute morning routine is enough . Can you do:

  • Stretches, push-ups, sit-ups, squats, triceps, …
  • Yoga routines of static stretching or dynamic movements such as greeting the sun.

The first thing that our body needs after 7 or 8 hours sleeping is to recover nutrients. Take your time for a good balanced breakfast and you will start the day with enough energy to face any challenge . It is important to include proteins in your diet.

Our breakfasts are usually composed of orange juice (natural if it can be), toast with oil and turkey, or banana omelette , or banana, milk, oatmeal and protein shakes.

Also, eating a good breakfast helps maintain weight as it prevents you from eating constantly throughout the day.

Create a routine and you will be looking forward to breakfast every morning. There’s nothing like having time in the morning to prepare your own breakfast for the weekend.

While having breakfast, take the opportunity to review your to-do list, listen to inspiring podcasts from Bloggers you follow, or just do nothing and enjoy breakfast practicing mindfulness.


After having breakfast and exercising you are ready to start the day.

Take advantage of that energy and clarity to do the most complicated task, your toad, first . As Brian Tracy says in his productivity book: Eat that frog!

Choose an important task each day , a task that brings you closer to your goals . Start the day with that task and finish it.

eye! Don’t make the mistake of confusing project with task. If you intend to tackle a very complex task, you will probably end up procrastinating because you don’t know where to start. A task is something concrete, defined, that you can start and finish in a not very long period of time. If you are clear about this and learn to divide projects into concrete tasks, you will be more productive .

When you see that you have finished your important task and you still have the whole day ahead of you, you will feel great.

Waking up earlier in the morning has a lot of benefits. Early birds are more proactive, studies anticipate problems and plan better than people who get up later , according to studies .

Having more productive time to advance your goals, exercise, or be with family and friends is worth it.

Below we share our video where you can see and hear these points in a more comfortable way 😉

We would love for you to leave us your comments, have these tips worked for you? Or what others do you apply to help you get up early and motivated?


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