What Is Gastric Test:What Is Its Procedure

Gastric Test  is the laboratory test for analysis of gastric (stomach) secretion for diagnosis of certain stomach disease specially acid con­tent in ulcer or carcinoma of stomach.

Material Required

  1. Ryle’s tube. 2. Bowl of cold water. 3. Lubricant solution. 4. 20cc syringe. 5. Three big size test tubes or flashes. 6. Litmus paper. 7. Half chapati or gruel. 8. Towel. 9. Basin. 10. 8/10 test tubes. 11. Test tube holder. 12. One tray to hold all such items. 13. Nasal swab with a artery forcep. 14. Adhesive tape and scissor.

You Must Know Gastric Test And Stomach Emptying Test Procedure

  • The patient is kept 12 hour fasting before the procedure starts in the morning.
  • So intimate the procedure to patients of supper of previous night. After 6 P.M. in the evening nothing is given by mouth. Water may be given before 8 hours of intubation.
  • Collect all equipment at bed side, place the patient in a Fowlers position.
  • Place the tube in a bowl of cold water for a short period before inserting.
  • Place a towel across the chest of the patient.
  • Ask the patient to hold one basin in hand to collect any vomitus if at all during process.
  • Clean the nostril and lubricate the Ryle’s tube with glycerine.
  • Insert the tube gently through nostril while the patient takes deep breath.
  • Instruct the patients to swallow the tube if it remain at pharyngeal passage.
  • Allow the tube to go in up to a second mark on Ryle’s tube to touch nostril.
  • Check that the tube is in stomach which requires no check­ing if the patient is fully conscious without any paralysis of If the larynx is paralysed even in a conscious patient the tube may enter air passage instead of food passage.
  • Attach the tube to forehead by means of adhesive tape.
  • Attach 20cc of syringe to the tube end and withdraw the content of stomach.
  • Remove all contents of stomach in a sterile bowl.
  • Label this specimen as ‘fasting specimen*.
  • Test with litmus paper and note the colour change.
  • Give patient half chapati or gruel or 100 cc of 7% alcohol.
  • Allow half an hour and then collect again stomach content and keep separately by labelling. (First specimen).
  • Like this collect 2nd, 3rd and 4th specimen after \ hour interval and keep with proper labelling.
  • After collecting desired number of samples collected all stomach content in a different flash and label ‘Residence content*.
  • Remove the tube gently but swiftly.
  • It is better to discard 1st or 2nd sample to allow the patient to adjust to the intubation procedure. These study samples may be labelled 1, 2, 3, 4 or as desired.
  • The collection is done sometimes* at interval of 15 minutes by certain centres.

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