What Is Gastric Lavage:What Is The Gastric Lavage Procedure

Gastric lavage or Stomach Pumping (wash-out) is carried out by nursing staff. It is actually not a sterile procedure. But still sterile apparatus are used while carrying out the procedure. Gastric lavage may be ordered one hourly to rest the gastrointestinal tract as in paralytic ileus or after an operation over stomach or duodenum. If the tube has passed nasally it can be retained for 24 hours but if it is by mouth it should be removed after the procedure is over.


  • To remove poisonous material from stomach.
  • To remove irritable material and to provide rest as in paralytic in ileus.
  • To relieve nausea and vomiting.
  • To clean stomach before any operation over stomach or duodenum.
  • To clean stomach in post-operative gastric operations ūüėģ prevent dilatation.


One big tray to hold all items 2. Ryle’s tube or other stomach tube (for post*operative purpose to remove only gastric secretion a Ryle’s tube may be used, for removing stomach contents including food particles other thicker calibre tube should be used as thin Ryle’s tube will be blocked by food particles). 3. Kidney tray 4 Lubricant glycerine or liquid paraffin 5. Adhesive tape 6. 50 ml syringe 7. Bath towel 8. Safety pins 9. Bucket or bowl to collect aspirated fluid 10. Piece of mackintosh.

Being A Professional Nurse,You Must Know Gastric Lavage Procedure And Stomach Pump Procedure

  • Intimate the patient what you are going to do and why and how much time it will take.
  • Protect the patient‚Äôs clothing by putting both towels over chest.
  • Protect feet by spreading a piece of mackintosh.
  • Remove any false tooth or very loose tooth.
  • Place patient in sitting position at the side of the bed or in semi-fowler position if unable to sit upright with head tending, forwards.
  • Insert the Ryle‚Äôs tube as described earlier.
  • When tube is in stomach aspirate the fluid by back drawing the piston of syringe.
  • Remove the syringe, measure the quantity and drain out of syringe into a bowl or bucket. Keep the tip of the tube pinched by pressing by tip of fingers while the syringe is removed.
  • Re-connect the syringe with the tip of Ryle‚Äôs tube and repeat the same procedure till all fluid from stomach has been aspirated out.
  • If the tube is passed through nose and further aspiration is required, retain the tube by folding the tube and fixing it to patients check.
  • Record the aspiration procedure in input and output chart with description of amount, colour of aspiration fluid.


  • Blood in aspirated fluid calls for discontinuance of procedure immediately.
  • Observe the patient for pallor, weak pulse or signs of shoe’
  • Never do aspiration within 3-4 hours of food unless specially called for.

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