Gardening equipment and its uses

Many of us are fond of gardening. And we have to work hard to create this hobby’s favorite garden. It takes a lot of garden work to get a good yield. And to make this beautiful garden work more easily, it’s important to have some tools at hand so that our work can be many times easier.


Some of the gardening tools are discussed below:


Garden gloves


Many people like to work without gloves for some work in the garden, when the time comes when you need a pair of gloves.


Regular garden work is normal for your hands, bruises, and blisters. For this reason, a pair of gloves are considered essential garden tools for gardening in any gardener’s toolbox. There are many benefits to wearing garden gloves. Grow gloves on the gloves and other tools to handle and sharpen things and prevent your hands from weeding different and pair of gloves that fall on cool days of winter or spring keep you warmer, making gardening a bit more tolerable.

Garden Gloves

Gloves will protect your hands from scratches and scrapes when trimming raspberries, blackberries or roses.




Trowel is a small tool that is easily carryable and used to dig, apply, smootch, or move small amounts of particulate matter.

Garden Trowel

Besides, the saplings help to move from one place to another. Common varieties include masonry trolleys, garden trowels, etc.

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Garden scissors


Garden scissors have many uses. Grains such as corn and parsley can be used for harvesting. Deadhead flowers that are on the plant can be used to cut. At times, fresh flowers from the tree can be pruned with the leaves of the tree so it can be used to cut flowers. Garden scissors are used to give a specific shape to the bonsai tree.

Garden Sickle




Sprayer is a device used to spray liquid, where sprayers are commonly used for water, weeds, crop effectiveness materials, pest maintenance chemicals, as well as components for production and production lines.


Water should be sprayed with liquid fertilizer once or twice a week, in addition to watering in the tubs of plants to maintain nutrient levels in the soil. Good quality sprayer should be used.





You can use shovels to move the soil in your garden or to sow seeds. Belcher allows you to turn the soil to create a seed bed in the garden. The rule of thumb is to keep the handle as shoulder height as it is much easier for your back and not bend you while scooping the ground.


A coffin with a straight blade and border will help you work with tight spaces and curved edges help you cut the work ground more easily.


Garden spade


A garden spade or spade spade is a short (firmly four) short, rigidly tinged long dig handle. It is used for plowing soil in gardens and agriculture. It is used in the same way as a spade, but in many cases it is more suitable than spade.


Its tines push the application to the ground more easily so it can spread stones and weeds and break the powder. However, it is not cut into weed roots or root-crops. The garden hoe was originally made of wood, but most parts are now made of carbon steel or stainless steel.

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Garden rack


Garden Rack (Old English Raka, Dutch Rack, familiar with German rack, “scraped together” from original, “hip up”) broom for outdoor use; In a horticultural implementation, the teeth are transversely fixed with a handle, or the tines are fixed with a handle, and leaf, straw, grass, etc. are collected.

Garden Rake

Used for gardening, loosening soil, light weeding and leveling, removing dead, grass from lawn and generally used for agricultural purposes.




A long handle on which the flat blade is attached. Weeding is an ancient and versatile agricultural and horticultural hand tool that is used to clean soil, remove weeds, and remove weeds.

Garden How

The soil shape is used to peel the soil around the plant base (healing), insert (drills) and dig up shallow soil for planting seeds or bulbs. The weeds with a weed with a weed cut the plants from the roots of the soil surface, and cleans the soil of old roots and crop residues.


Hose pipe


This hose pipe is used for irrigation in large gardens or on the roof of the living room. Irrigation is done by increasing or reducing the amount of water very easily.

Hose Pipe


Pruning knife


You can use it if you want to cut the stem or shoots of a plant.

Pruning Knife

Another use of a pruning knife is to clean a hanging bucket after cutting the stalk. This tool is used to adjust the size of the plant.


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