Does Gamax Get Fat or Thin? What It Fits And How It Works

Does Gamax Get Fat or Thin? What It Fits And How It Works.Gamax is a medicine that can be found in packs containing 15 or 30 capsules and whose commercialization requires the prescription.It is an oral and adult medicine, which is produced from a plant known as Borago officinalis L (botanical name of the borage plant), according to the Gamax package leaflet.

What is Gamax for? 

The drug is indicated for cases of deficiencies of essential fatty acids in the body, especially gammalinolenic acid, breast pain and benign functional changes of the breast, Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) and atopic eczema. (atopic dermatitis).Eczema or atopic dermatitis is a condition characterized by a rash that is accompanied by itching, redness and peeling, according to the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein.

How does Gamax work? 

According to information on the package insert, the drug is a herbal medicine that works to maintain the integrity of the body’s cell membranes.

The medicine is produced from borage oil , which is a compound that carries essential oils needed for this function.

Does Gamax put on weight or lose weight? 

To find out if Gamax gets fat or thin – or does not cause any of these effects – let’s consult the package insert.Well, the package leaflet does not provide data on reactions or effects caused by the drug that may directly cause the increase or decrease of body weight.

Therefore, if you experience weight gain or loss during treatment with this medicine, it is likely that this may have happened for some reason other than taking Gamax.Therefore, if you suspect that Gamax is getting fat or thinning from the effect of using Gamax, inform and consult your doctor about how to proceed and what may have led to the weight gain or loss. Remembering that both an increase and an inappropriate weight reduction can bring health problems. 

Gamax Side Effects

Now that we understand if Gamax gets fat or gets thinner, let’s know what side effects are associated with using this medicine.The medicine may cause allergy in persons sensitive to any of the components of the product formula. There are also reports of hepatotoxicity associated with prolonged use of borage oil, which gives rise to the drug as we have just learned. Hepatotoxicity is a term that defines the damage done to the liver.

Contraindications and care with Gamax

Also according to the package leaflet, the medicine cannot be used by individuals who are hypersensitive (allergic) to any of the components of its formula and by people under 12 years of age.The document also stressed that the drug should not be used by women who are pregnant without the doctor’s guidance and follow-up. The product should also not be used by women who are breastfeeding unless directed to do so by their doctor.

If the patient becomes pregnant or begins breastfeeding during the course of treatment, she should inform the doctor about this.Patients suffering from epilepsy and schizophrenia or using phenothiazine medications should restrict the use of borage oil which, as we have seen in this article, is the substance from which the Gamax drug is produced.In addition, the package leaflet also recommends that if the patient is taking any other type of medicine, he should inform the doctor to determine if there is any risk due to the mixture of the medicines.

It is not advisable to use medicines, including Gamax, without the doctor’s knowledge as this may be hazardous to health.Therefore, use the medicine only if your doctor recommends or approves it and follows all of its guidelines regarding dosage, product intake times and duration of treatment.

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