Gait and character.

Psychologists note the relationship of gait, step width when walking with certain traits and mental states of a person, especially this applies to women.

Each person has a specific posture in which he prefers to stand.

A person who has the habit of standing with one whole leg leaning on one foot and one leaning only on the heel, usually has direct communication, likes to have fun in company, is somewhat categorical in statements, and is inclined to impose his views. For some people, this pose serves as a method of masking shyness and self-doubt.

A person who usually stands with his legs crossed, leaning on one leg with the whole mass, and putting the other on his toe, unsure of himself, gives in to difficulties, his characteristic features are caution, suspicion, which makes communication with people very difficult, complicates relations in family and at work.

A pose in which the legs are placed so that the socks touch each other, speaks of infantility.

The pose “heels together, socks apart” characterizes a business person, a realist and a determined pragmatist who is able to fight back at the right time. You can always rely on him, although his excessive intolerance makes life very difficult for everyone, and in the first place – for himself.

A sports stance – legs shoulder-width apart (one may be slightly in front, or set to one side, and the other behind) no longer speaks of a person’s character, but that he is very tired, indifferent.

A person who always walks in a straight line is usually brave and wise. The one who walks quietly, with his face raised up, is proud, arrogant and thoughtful. Whoever pauses and imperceptibly looks around – may turn out to be an arrogant and narcissistic slanderer.

An even, confident gait speaks of a man with a bold, decisive, persistent and stubborn. He loves sports, maybe even be a professional athlete. He is straightforward in his statements, which brings him a lot of troubles in life.

A slight lean forward while walking is a sign of an honest, peaceful and virtuous person.

He who walks fast and long steps, generous, ambitious, diligent and efficient, always completes the work begun.

The gait is quiet, a step measured by a thoughtful, ambitious and selfish person.

Quick and quiet walk of the pretender.

A gait with short steps in a man of absurd, vindictive, irresponsible. Arrogant, proud, ambitious people jerk their whole body when walking, especially their shoulders .

People timid, uncommunicative walk with their socks in .

Happy in love women have a beautiful, flying gait .

A sweeping walk occurs in a person who is talkative, courageous, sociable, who considers himself the most intelligent. Live gestures speak of his self-confidence and impulsiveness. Born in December, emotions simply “overwhelm”, he can swallow the ending of words, jump in a conversation from one topic to another, he says incoherently. Such people are optimists who often succeed in their careers.

The habit of tilting your head slightly to the right, spreading your legs wide while walking, while energetically waving your arms, putting your hand on your thigh and looking directly at the person you are talking with – these signs indicate an innate nobility. These people are successful in all endeavors, they are open, sociable, have an analytical mindset, and are good psychologists.

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