From Resident Evil to RE8 Village: how their main enemies have changed

We already know the release date of Resident Evil Village and we review the evolution of the saga.

If you are fans of the Resident Evil saga , you are in luck . The Resident Evil Showcase in which Capcom has shown us news of what is coming and the first Resident Evil Village gameplay has raised the hype to all fans of horror games . It is not surprising that Capcom has revised its forecasts upwards , because there are great launches from the Japanese.

But, as we mentioned, the news regarding Resident Evil is so much that it overwhelms . The first thing is that RE8 will arrive on May 7 , it is almost around the corner. In addition, if you have a PS5 you can download the Maiden demo now , a different story from the final game, so that we can see how the game is, which by the way, in this demo it goes to native 4K and 60 fps on the machine from Sony .



As if all that were not enough, with the arrival of Resident Evil 8, RE: Verse will be free , a multiplayer with characters and maps from the entire saga . With all the news flurry and with the new images of RE8 we wanted to look back and see the evolution of some of the enemies of the games , from the first Resident Evil to Resident Evil Village, which already taught us the first dead living .


Therefore, in 3DJuegos we have prepared a small trip through the saga to show you the evolution of the enemies in Resident Evil, which has not only happened to be more scary, but also for design and gameplay issues , since technological advances made us in the skin of more agile characters and in more open spaces. If you still want to continue being scared, we will tell you everything we know about Resident Evil 8: Village in a special .



Resident Evil HuntersThe Hunters are really considered the first BOWs (in Spanish, bio-organic weapons) and were, with the exception of the Hunter Y, a crossing of reptile and human spiced with the T-Virus. These first enemies that made us scream and overwhelm us in the first installment were the basis of other great enemies of the saga, with greater intelligence and danger.


Resident Evil 2 LickersIn the next installment, a mutation of the basic zombies appeared on the scene: the dreaded lickers, very dangerous enemies, but who were totally blind. In order to avoid them, the player had to be totally silent, because despite the lack of vision, these monsters had highly developed hearing. The tension with them could be cut with a knife.


Resident Evil 3 NemesisAlready in Resident Evil 2 one of the most annoying enemies appeared, Mr. X. His continuous pressure was an extra difficulty in certain phases of the game, but without a doubt Nemesis was the culmination of this enemy concept, the definitive Tyrant at the time. Resident Evil is, in part, a constant fight against him and his spectacular strength, and also against better intelligence.


From a clueless zombie to intelligent enemiesThe basic enemies have changed over time. In the beginning, zombies were slow, stupid, and crude. Already in Resident Evil 4 we saw Las Plagas, an infectious agent that made enemies retain their human intelligence and which resulted in Los Ganados, faster and more intelligent groups of infected by Las Plagas, reminiscent of the monks of RE8.

Confirmation of a changeIn Resident Evil 5, The Plagues continued to be of great importance (although there were new viruses), with improved versions of this infection, showing that smarter and more skilled enemies had come to stay with the Majinis, the most common type in the game. . Also the new BOWs from Revelations confirmed that something had changed.


Return of the Zombies in Resident Evil 6Another proof of Capcom’s change in the saga came with Resident Evil 6, with the return of the zombies to the main saga and with the appearance of the J’avo. Thanks to Virus C, those infected were much more dangerous. They could run, climb, jump towards us, and even use various weapons to harm us. The enemies were even more fearsome than before.


Holomorphs and the Bakers in Resident Evil 7In Resident Evil 7, the concept of the enemy of Mr. X and Nemesis returned with the Bakers, that gloomy family that did not stop chasing us at certain times. Also, the holomorphs, created from humans by Eveline, also made things very ugly for us. More intelligent and fearsome, they could attack us even in groups and were better hidden.


And in Resident Evil Village?From what we have seen so far, we can expect a sum of all the best of the saga, with characters in the style of Nemesis (the witch family) and with more intelligent groups of enemies, as it seems that the monks that we have seen in the last gameplay. We will even see if the speculations that we could face Werewolves finally come true.


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