Francesca Fusco

Francesca Fusco is a famous dermatologist, she lives in New York .


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Fusco graduated from the New York School of Medicine in 1985 and continued his studies in dermatology at Westchester Medical Center . She has been a dermatologist in New York since 1989.


Its specialty in rejuvenation of the skin and scalp, treats the signs of aging that include wrinkles, skin blemishes and hair loss, among others.

Francesca Fusco is one of the few dermatologists who has a lot of experience in the field of hair.

She has been featured in various media expert shows including CNN, Eyewitness News, CBS News, Inside Edition and Fox News 5 and has been consulted in various publications such as InStyle, O, Allure, Self, Glamor, Fitness and Woman’s World .change the language please.

Their unique analytical methodology for diagnosing hair loss and scalp problems is to examine strand by strand of hair. Like a recognized specialist, she receives several inquiries from CNN, CBS News and Fox News 5.

Their advices

Her medical advice also includes a wide range of publications, both in specialized magazines such as Women’s Health and Shape, and in fashion-focused editions such as Cosmopolitan, Elle and Marie Claire.

Healthy hair is strong, it does not fall, and to achieve this, it is necessary to treat it with the indicated products. If a person has hair problems, it is advisable to nourish their scalp with only the best, to always keep it healthy.


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