Fortnite – everything parents should know when children are playing

The absolute most popular game in recent years is called Fortnite – season 8 will be released on February 28, 2019.

80 million players a month struggle to survive on video games, computer or mobile.

Here is everything you as a parent should know when your child plays Fortnite.

Lars Lindström


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If you have children who play the improbably popular game Fornite – here are answers to the questions you did not dare to ask.

What exactly is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a survival game, launched by Epic Games in July 2017. It can be played on almost all available platforms, such as Xbox, Playstation, Windows, Mac (computer), iOS and Android (mobiles).

The game is available in two variants, Fortnite “Save the world” and Fortnite “Battle Royale”, and it is the latter that is a world success. 200 million players are registered worldwide.

The game is free, although it is possible to use real money to buy, for example, other looks, costumes, weapons and hang gliders. These purchased items are just about the look, and do not affect the game itself.

What is Fortnite about?

The plot is in short that 100 players ride in a flying bus, jump parachute and land on a small island. The players must then find weapons and other aids, then kill each other or stay away to avoid being killed.

Fortnite is very much about concentration, stress and excitement. Finally, there is one player left, who is the winner.

Fortnite is about concentration, stress and excitement.Photo: EPIC GAMES

Here’s the age limit for Fortnite

In Sweden, the recommended age limit is 12 years. But many who play are younger. The game is violent, but not bloody, and the graphics are reminiscent of comic books.

According to the rules from Pegi, Pan European Game Information, the 12-year age limit means video games that show violence of a more graphic nature aimed at fantasy characters or unrealistic violence against human characters. Sexual posing and nudity may occur. Rough language may occur, but should be at a mild level.

How young can play Fortnite?

As with many popular games, anxiety can arise in parents when children play a lot, and many ask themselves whether younger children should be allowed to play.

The organization Surfa Lugnt receives many questions from parents about whether it is suitable for children under 12 to play Fortnite. Surfa Lugnt writes that “the answer to that question is not yes or no” and gives the following advice:

Children are different and you as a parent know your child best.

Form your own opinion by testing the game yourself.

Talk to your child about violence as entertainment.

Tell them that violence against others is not okay in reality.

Say that the children can tell you if they come across something nasty or unpleasant.

The decision if your child is allowed to play Fortnite is ultimately yours.

This is how excessive gambling is handled

Here are some tips for parents from Reconnect , a knowledge center that specializes in healthy gambling.

Make clear and consistent rules with your child.

Encourage other activities instead of questioning gambling.

Explain why excessive gambling is a problem, but avoid threats and exaggerations.

Think about whether the child should have their own computer in the room or whether the play can take place more openly.

Pay attention to how your child is feeling and offer help to deal with irritation and restlessness.

Now comes Fortnite season 8

Want a simple look at what the game looks like? Here is the video that came when the new game mode Fortnitemares Halloween was released on October 24, 2018.

The player is in Hexsylvania, a spooky place with dark corridors and catacombs, and meets new creatures and monsters such as Pumpkin Head Husk, Spooky Llama and Vampire Taker.



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