What Parents Need to Know About Saraha and the Yellow Apps

The internet can be a pretty dangerous place for kids. They have young, fragile minds and can trust anyone.It’s easy for them to get carried away. While the Blue Whale Challenge has already killed many, the Sarahah and Yellow apps , which do not track the identity of the person on the other side, pose a threat to children.

Risks associated with using Sarahah and Yellow apps

What happens when you let a person send text messages or comment on a social media app in stealth mode? They can get dirty because they are registered as anonymous. This is a red flag for many application users today. The situation is worse when the recipient is a minor, as he is unable to cope with the abuse.

Sarahah and Yellow Apps – Teen Rave

Two new apps, Sarahah and Yellow, are available in the Apple & Google Store and are gaining popularity among teens. The Sarahah app is used to create an account and share a link on popular social networks such as Facebook and Snapchat. Anyone can admit to anything by commenting on Sarahah’s user page. The comment remains confidential with the user.

Is Saraha an Honesty App?

It’s also called an honesty app because your social media connections can comment on your photos while remaining anonymous . It has no age limit, so just about anyone can use the app. The app was designed primarily to showcase your strengths (as its marketers say). The app does not allow you to reply to comments from an anonymous user. You can only receive application logs of your recent activities, such as the comments you submitted and received; plus the ones you thought were favorites.

Appendix Yellow – Seekers’ Keepers

The yellow app can be thought of as Tinder For Teens as it allows them to search for their matches among a wide range of ideal strangers by simply clicking on the person they like based on their profiles and photos linked through social media. media accounts. There is no age verification system in the yellow app , which means teenagers can talk to people who claim to be 14 or 15 years old, but are actually over 50 or 60 years old; so this is very disturbing.

Therefore, there are times when teenagers send or share obscene or obscene photos, not realizing that they have become the victim of a pedophile hidden in the network. There are many sexual predators using the internet and they can lure children and teenagers and then abuse them with this application.

The Police Department has warned parents about the dangers of these apps

The Police Department in the United States has warned parents and warned them about the dangers of using these two apps, which do not require any identity or age verification to use it. This becomes a scary scenario, especially as anyone can create a profile in an instant and use it to pretend to be a typical 14- or 15-year-old, then use location settings to find teens close to where they are. …

Sarahah, which in Arabic means openness or candor , certainly embodies the very definition of transparency, which misuses the meaning of confidentiality and the confidentiality clause. People are prone to online abuse because they hide behind the cover of the app’s anonymity.

How to deal with the situation as parents

While lawmakers seem reluctant to streamline these statements, parents can help.

  1. Understand that these apps don’t test the person on the other end, so don’t let your kids use them.
  2. Educate your child about his dangers. Be open when talking to children.
  3. Track your child’s internet history regularly.
  4. Stay available. Your child should be able to expose any threat to you without fear.

The developers had good intentions to overcome age and social barriers. This is a social experiment that has gone wild or wrong because some people have used the app as a vehicle for hate speech, name denunciation, discrimination, and cyberbullying of all kinds. Both Sarahah and Yellow were designed to take socialization to a whole new level, but it provided a malicious playground for sexual predators and abusive people looking for teenage victims roaming the web.

by Abdullah Sam
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