There are a variety of tips and strategies you can use to become a pro at Fortnite . Since the game, on the other hand, is about eliminating your opponents, it is important to improve your aim, or aim as it is usually called. In this article, we therefore thought to share our best Fortnite aiming tips!



Your preferences are more important than you think when it comes to handling their weapons and sight. Not least the mouse settings (sensitivity) are important. Broadly speaking, it is about having to find the settings that are best suited for oneself.


What is important to keep in mind when optimizing your settings is that you should be able to move your sight as quickly as possible. Something that is important to be able to handle an ambush and intense firefights. However, it is important that you also feel stable and dot your opponents. Failure to do so may be a sign that the sensitivity is too high.


To learn more about how to adjust your settings, you can read our previous article where we go through how to optimize your Fortnite settings . If, on the other hand, you are a beginner, you can instead start by reading our article ” Fortnite controls – learn to master the keyboard “.




Different weapons behave differently. To really improve your aim and become better at handling all weapons, it is therefore important to get to know the different weapons. Is it a weapon that is best suited for short-, mid- or long-range?


In addition to this, it is also important to learn the bullet patterns of the different weapons. That is, how the shots behave. To learn more about the weapons available in the game, you can read our previous article ” All weapons in Fortnite (complete list) “.




Once you have optimized your settings and got to know the different weapons, all you have to do is start practicing, practicing, practicing. See each game round as a challenge where you have to improve your aim and learn something new.


Some of our best aiming tips are to:

  • Follow your opponents’ movements horizontally while aiming at the center of the body. This is beneficial because many people tend to start jumping. If, on the other hand, you have your sights set on the body, you will still dot them even if they jump.
  • If you yourself jump to avoid being hit, you should aim downwards. Further down than you are used to.
  • Try to anticipate your enemies’ movement patterns and adapt accordingly. If you notice that your opponent is moving from left to right, you should take advantage of this and fire the shot when they are in the middle of a movement. In other words, you should have your sights set on the left as your opponent moves to the right. Then fire and you are guaranteed to get a hit when the enemy moves to the left again.


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