Food that heals and protects

Food that heals and protects. Recipes for the brain, hair, bones and colon. Book of healthy food recipes made by the researcher, broadcaster and writer from Holguin, Néstor Salazar Silva in 2014. Published by Editorial Liber delights us in its pages on nutrition and health go hand in hand to once again make clear the phrase known since many years ago …… “in a healthy body, a healthy mind”.


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It is a book of kitchen organized in a particular way, by the inclusion of vegetables and spices that add value diversity.

This is a recipe book that uses the foods that provide the greatest benefits to the hair, bones, colon and brain, it is very useful for all those who struggle to have a healthy life.


This interesting book belongs to the Home collection that Liber editions has conceived for those interested in novel kitchen recipes , interior decoration, plant care , knowledge of manual arts, as well as topics related to health and education .

This reading option is intended to help you enjoy a fuller life at home.

Author data

Néstor Salazar Silva . He was born in Holguín on February 26 , 1949 . Director, writer and broadcaster of programs at the CMKO Radio Angulo station in Holguín . Member of the Union of Writers and Artist of Cuba UNEAC , of the Culinary Association of the province of Holguín, and of the Cuban Agency for Musical Copyright (ACDAM). He has published Recipes available to everyone , Editorial Oriente , 2009 , and Rice and fish in my kitchenEditorial Oriente, 2012. Students of Cuban gastronomy and its popularizer. He has published five books on cooking giving readers magical recipes that he makes, if not love … at least good taste is also near a well-served table.


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