Floreal Antonio Ferrara

Floreal Antonio Ferrara. He was one of the most important medical doctors in Argentina, a cardiologist . Author of several books and Minister of Health in the Province of Buenos Aires during the administrations of Oscar Bidegain and Antonio Cafiero. A social and political activist. In December 2007 , the Buenos Aires Legislature distinguished him as an illustrious citizen of Buenos Aires.


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  • 1 Biographical synthesis
    • 1 Studies
    • 2 Professional career
      • 2.1 Positions held
    • 3 Death
  • 2 Scientific works and published books
    • 1 Published books
  • 3 Recognition
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Biographical synthesis

He was born on 7 of June of 1924 and raised in Punta Alta, province of Buenos Aires. He was the eldest of three brothers. His mother was Spanish Paulina García, the father, Pedro, was a Yugoslav anarchist and union leader. As a child he was affected by polio that left him with difficulty walking.


He went to study in La Plata in 1943, staying in a student pension. He obtained his medical degree from the National University of La Plata (UNLP) in 1950 . In 1953 he was a cardiology specialist at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and eleven years after 1964 , he was an expert in Health and Social Economic Development at the OAS, -UBA. Faculty of Economic Sciences.

Career path

  • Head of Practical Works. Chair of Hygiene and Social Medicine. Faculty of Medical Sciences. UNLP 1957 -65.
  • Associate Professor. Chair of Preventive and Social Medicine. Faculty of Medical Sciences. UNLP 1962 -74.
  • Full Professor in Charge. Chair of Preventive and Social Medicine. Faculty of Medical Sciences. UNLP. 1974 -75.
  • Director of Social Medicine Course. National Movement for an Integrated Health System. Buenos Aires. 1985 -89.
  • Director Postgraduate Course Health and Social Security Administration Senior Management Level. ISEB National University of San Martín. National University of Tres de Febrero. 1995-97.
  • Director of the Health Policy Postgraduate Course. IMOS. Buenos Aires. 1995 -96.
  • Professor of Health Administration. National University of Lomas de Zamora . 1995- 2000 .
  • Professor of Ethics. National University of General San Martín . 1997 to date.
  • Member of Medical Societies of the country.

Positions held

  • Expert in Social Economic Development. UBA OEA. 1962
  • Expert in General Mortality Topics. Pan American Sanitary Office. Colombia. Puerto Rico. Washington. 1961- 1964 .
  • Minister of Public Health and Social Action, Province of Buenos Aires. 1973
  • Minister of Health, Province of Buenos Aires. 1987-88
  • Consultant and Researcher in morbidity and mortality. Pan American Health Office. 1963-65.
  • Managing Director of Benefits at the Institute of Banking Social Services. 1989-97.
  • Advisor to the Presidency of Obra Social Ferroviaria 1970-76. 1983-99.
  • Social Work Advisor (OSCOMM-OSPG) 2000
  • Secretary General of the Cardiology Society of La Plata.
  • President of the Cardiology Society of La Plata.
  • Vice-President of the Argentine Federation of Cardiology .
  • President of the National Movement for an Integrated Health System.


He died on Sunday November to April of 2010 , at the age of 85 years.

Scientific works and published books

  • 1962-64. Research associate. Inter-American Mortality Study. Ministry of Public Health of the Province of Buenos Aires. Pan American Health Organization – World Health Organization. La Plata.
  • 1969-72. Principal investigator. National Health Survey. Clinical Evaluation Program. Argentine Association of Faculties of Medicine. Pan American Health Organization – World Health Organization. La Plata.
  • Approximately three hundred, read in Scientific Societies of the country and abroad and published in national and foreign magazines of the corresponding specialties.

Published books

  • 1960 “Alcoholism in Latin America”. Ed. Palestra. Buenos Aires
  • 1966 “Argentine Development and Well-being”. – Ed. Renaissance. La Plata.
  • 1967 “Epidemiology of cardiovascular diseases”. In “Clinical Cardiology” Several Authors. Ed Intermédica. Buenos Aires.
  • “Community Medicine. In collaboration with E. Acebal and J. Paganini. Ed. Intermédica. Buenos Aires.
  • “Social Theory and Health”. Ed. Catalogs. Buenos Aires
  • 1993-94. “Political Theory and Health”. Three volumes. Ed. Catalogs. Buenos Aires
  • 1995-97. “Theory of Corruption and Health”. Two volumes. Ed. Catalogs. Buenos Aires
  • 2004 – “Theory of Truth and Health”. In process of publication.
  • 2004 – “Building the antagonism”. In preparation


A few years before his death (December 2007 ), the Buenos Aires Legislature distinguished him as an illustrious citizen of Buenos Aires by virtue of his dedication “to scientific advancement in the field of health and to political and social commitment so that it translates into a system public that guarantees the well-being of the entire population ”.

In September 2009, CTERA paid him a fair tribute with the distinction “MAESTROS DE VIDA”. Award given by the Confederation to “personalities or institutions that by their example illuminate the contour of a more just society for which we fight day by day”.


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