Fix;Forza Motorsport 7 Bugs: FPS Drops, Input Lag

Forza Motorsport 7 is now live. If you are a fan of car racing, now you can show your skills and step on the pedal to the bottom leaving your rivals behind.

As with all newly released games, the FM7 is also affected by a number of bugs that limit the gaming experience. For example, many players are still struggling to download the game, but we hope that these download problems will be fixed as soon as possible.

In this article, we are going to list the most common Forza Motorsport 7 issues reported by players, as well as their corresponding fixes, if available.

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  • Forza Motorsport 7 has reported bugs
    • Strange car sounds
    • Private lobbies need a solution
    • Entry delay on wheels / pedals
    • Problems with the voice channel
    • SPF drops
    • Asphalt changes color
    • Player does not receive CR or XP after finishing the race

Forza Motorsport 7 has reported bugs

1. Strange car sounds

Gamers reported that some of the car sounds are really disappointing. Although this is not a game-breaking issue, it is still very frustrating because it limits the gaming experience. Hearing the purr of your car’s engine is one of the greatest joys in the world for car racing players and drivers in general.

I just wonder how they can make it so bad. (Confused) Look at Horizon 3 I think there are some problems with the sound but ok general I would say that it is much better than FM7.

On the horizon 3 the cars that should have a characteristic sound have it but in the FM7 everything is the same in view of the cockpit, the sounds are also much louder than outside! All V12s sound like garbage.

Hopefully Turn 10 Studio will fix this bug with a future patch.

2. Private lobbies need a solution

Many gamers criticized Turn 10 Studios for the overall look and functionality of private lobbies . More specifically, players say that the lobbies are not fully functional and that there are many elements missing from the schematic.

It is well known by now – private lobbies are absolutely unfinished and not even working properly 50% of the time.

Where is Drag Racing, at least for private lobbies?
Where is the AI ​​for private sessions with 2 or 3 friends?
Why can’t I create my own Server WITHOUT the need to invite my friends first, so I can create things BEFORE they join?

Who was in charge of this mess? I know the game just came out, but come on… in its current state Multiplayer is absolutely mediocre and totally useless.

3. Entry delay on wheels / pedals

Having a reliable system that transfers your information at the speed of light is essential in car racing games. Unfortunately, some FM7 players cannot fully enjoy the game due to input lag issues .

Does anyone else have data entry lag on their wheels / pedals? I have a G27 that works great in all games… except Forza7. I have used other USB ports, same results. It’s just a very small lag, but noticeable enough to stop the game. AUNT

4. Problems with the voice channel

Players reported that sometimes the voice channel changes automatically , preventing them from communicating with their friends in multiplayer.

I can’t believe that in 2017 I can’t talk to my friends at a party because the game automatically drags me from one audio channel to another, it’s unbearable, does turn10 have new programmers? I couldn’t believe they were still themselves

5. SPF drops

Low FPS issues affect both PC and Xbox One players. The issue occurs in single player and multiplayer, and randomly affects races.

I’m experiencing a lot of frame drops / stuttering in multiplayer. Regardless of the cars / track / weather used. Playing with my friends’ private foyer, most of us experience this frame drop. It is very difficult to play well. I’m on Xbox One S, but I know some of the guys are on the XB1 base too. It gets really bad when someone joins or leaves the party and the XB notification pops up on the screen, all of us would freak out to experience a loud stutter of what seemed like an age but was probably closer to the one second time frame .

6. Asphalt changes color

Some players noticed that the asphalt changes color from time to time. This isn’t a game-breaking bug, but it’s quite annoying because it can mess up your focus.

I was playing cockpit view at Le Mans during the rainy conditions and I swear the asphalt flashes blue and gray and so on. It looks like a bug. Has anyone else noticed?

7. Player does not receive CR or XP after finishing the race

After spending hours in the game, the worst that can happen is to realize that you didn’t get any CR or XP to reward your efforts.

Yes, having this problem too. not only in free play, but also with the race, but only when the race duration is set to long or extra long, tried to restart the game and this still happens. The XP rewards will show up in the tab on the main menu, but the credits will not appear. hoping this is fixed soon its infuriating enough doing more than 30 laps in a race and then having the game skip the XP and CR, meaningless playing the game further, if i don’t get anything for the effort.

These are the most common Forza Motorsport 7 errors reported by players. If you’ve found multiple solutions to fix them, you can help the gaming community by listing the troubleshooting steps in the comments below.

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