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  • Google Docs won’t open in Chrome
  •  What prevents Google Docs from opening
  •  What can I do if Google Docs won’t open?
  • Fixed 1: Request permission to open document
  • Fix 2: Contact the owner directly and ask for immediate access
  • Fix 3: Change Google account
  • Fix 4: Use a third-party word processor
  • Fix 5: Wait and try to open it later
  • Fix 6: Try another browser
  • Fix 7: Clear your browser’s cache / cookies
  • Fixed 8: Check your internet connectivity
  • Fix 9: Check your antivirus software
  • Fix 10: Try another device
  • Fix 11: Share with a friend

Google Docs won’t open in Chrome

As part of the popular Google Office suite (G suite), Google Docs has quickly won over users thanks to its ease of use, its ability to collaborate online, and its flexibility.

But like other programs, you sometimes have frustrating problems that make your job difficult.

One of the most common concerns access to G suite documents and here, users sometimes get the message “Google Docs won’t open” when they try to open their Google documents.

There could be others, but for now, we want to see how you can solve this problem:

What prevents Google Docs from opening

If a doctor won’t open, a couple of things may be wrong. Here is a summary of the most common causes:

  • The file owner may not have assigned you permissions to view the document.
  • You are accessing the file from another Google account but from your usual account.
  • Someone has taken away your right to open the file.
  • An unstable internet connection will mess up loading and opening files depending on the size of the document.
  • Browser issues such as cache full, an outdated browser, etc., can make it difficult to load and open files from drive g.
  • Your antivirus software may be mistaking the document for a malicious file.
  • A crash resulting from a recent update to Google Drive’s backup and sync feature.

What can I do if Google Docs won’t open?

There are several solutions you can try to successfully open your Google doc.

Fixed 1: Request permission to open document

If the problem arose due to lack of permission, ask the owner of the file to assign you open rights.


  1. Access Google Drive .
  2. Open the corresponding document.
  3. On the » You need permission « page, click Request access ….
  4. The original owner of the document will receive an automated email requesting their approval.
  5. You will receive a reply email as soon as your request is approved, allowing you to open the file.

Try again. The file should now open without problems.

Fix 2: Contact the owner directly and ask for immediate access

You can also write directly to the owner to ask him to modify the file sharing options from his side and allow him to view the file.

Fix 3: Change Google account

It is also possible that the document has been configured to open from a different Google account than the one you are using.

This is especially common when you have more than one account, so it is necessary to switch to the original account to open the document in question.


  1. Click to open the corresponding document.
  2. On the » You need permission « page, click Switch account ….
  3. Now log in with your other Gmail account.
  4. Try to open the document and verify that it is accessible.

Fix 4: Use a third-party word processor

You can first save the document on your PC and then open it using a different word processor such as Microsoft Word or Zoho Writer.


  1. Download / save the document in a folder of your choice like the download folder, without opening it.
  2. Now open that folder.
  3. Right-click the problematic doc file and click Properties
  4. Click Change …
  5. Select Microsoft Office Word or a similar program
  6. Click OK and then OK.
  7. Open the doc file now to see if everything is ok.

Fix 5: Wait and try to open it later

In some cases, documents are temporarily unavailable, perhaps due to internet connectivity issues, Google drive outages or Google servers, or even sync issues.

You can give your Google Drive the benefit of the doubt and assume the document is temporarily inaccessible.

So you wait a bit and then you try to reopen the document. Sometimes it works!

Fix 6: Try another browser

In some cases, Google documents that could not be opened in one browser are opened when accessed from other browsers.

Can you move to Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox depending on your current browser software and see how it works?

It also helps if any browser you are using is up to date and if you are on the latest version.

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Fix 7: Clear your browser’s cache / cookies

Cookies are files that are usually created by the sites you visit to improve your Internet experience by saving your browsing data.

The cache, on the other hand, remembers parts of multiple pages, such as uploaded images, to help them open faster on your next visit.

Some tools, including G Suite, however, load more slowly due to this content. Therefore, you need to clean up these details before opening the files on the drive.


Google Chrome

  1. Open Chrome .
  2. Click More (it’s in the upper right).
  3. Click on More Tools
  4. Now select Clear browsing data .
  5. Choose a relevant time interval or select All time (At the top) to erase everything.
  6. Check the boxes next to Cached Images and Files and Cookies and Other Site Data …
  7. Lastly, click Clear browsing data (as highlighted above).


  1. Click on the three dots, the button is in the upper right corner of your screen.
  2. Select Settings from the drop-down menu.
  3. Go to Clear browser data
  4. Select Choose what you want to delete .
  5. Check the boxes marked Cached data and files and Cookies and saved website data
  6. Click the Delete tab .

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click the menu button (the three horizontal lines)
  2. Choose Options .
  3. Click on Privacy and Security .
  4. Go to the Cookies and site data area and click Clear data.
  5. Check the checkbox next to Cookies and Site Data as well as the one near Cached Web Content
  6. Click clear.

Fixed 8: Check your internet connectivity

A weak internet connection is the common cause of document opening problems.
Try your luck connecting to another network and see if your doc file will load and open properly.

Fix 9: Check your antivirus software

Ad blockers and virus scanning software on your PC sometimes interfere with files on the drive, including Google Docs.

You can disable it briefly or check that your antivirus software isn’t restricting G Suite.

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Fix 10: Try another device

The bug could have something to do with the hardware you are using, so sometimes the file that refused to open on your laptop opens correctly from your smartphone or desktop.

Log into the G drive from your other devices and try to open the document.

Fix 11: Share with a friend

If you haven’t cut it yet, share the document with someone else and see if you can open it.

When possible, ask them to re-share the file with you.

You will then need to retry opening it from your Google account.


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