How to fix the error ‘Minecraft won’t open or start the game’ No problem!

If we are working or doing some work on the street we do not want to waste more time to sit in the comfort of our PC and play a video game. And this addiction is due to the unique Minecraft which is the sensation of the moment. But what happens when for some strange reason we cannot access the game. This is the intention of the following tutorial will show you a simple solution when an error occurs and Minecraft does not open or start the game.

If we have already created an account in Minecraft and we are regular visitors of the impressive worlds to which we have access. Having this problem can really turn into a headache. Since we want to continue with our work on the farm, collect objects or learn new spells to face our enemy.

How to Fix the Error ‘Minecraft Won’t Open or Start the Game’ No Problems!

Due to this situation, a million reasons can come to mind why it is not possible to enter the game and the first thing that occurs to us is to update Minecraft to its latest version.  But this apparently is not the cause of this situation. In this case, we will only ask you to relax a little and continue reading that in this article we will show you the definitive solution.

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  1. Why the problem of not launching or opening the Minecraft game occurs
  2. Steps to fix Minecraft won’t start game error

Why the problem of not launching or opening the Minecraft game occurs

Before offering you the solution to this annoying problem, we want to give you some notions about why this failure occurs. And it has to do directly with the software that the game needs to be able to run on your PC. As a general rule, it is possible that you are not meeting the minimum requirements so that Minecraft can start after having installed it.

Therefore it is also possible that the hardware of your PC does not meet the specifications, such as the capacity of ROM or RAM, for example. When we talk about software, it may be that you have an outdated version of Java on your PC But it can also be produced by a controller or simply the game launcher.

As you can see, there are several reasons why the Minecraft game does not start or open and in order to solve this problem. It is necessary that you follow the following instructions to the letter that allows you an effective solution. And this will be as simple as playing Minecraft without internet or without data.

Steps to fix Minecraft won’t start game error

The following steps were carried out on a PC with Windows 10 operating system that did not allow to start the game. And as the first option to take to solve this problem is to update Java. You should know that for Minecraft to be played on your PC it is necessary that you have this application on your PC.

Therefore, if you do not have it installed, you must download it and for this you just have to go to the official Java website . In the chaos of having this app, you should update it then. To be able to perform this update you must do the following, go to the Windows 10 search engine and type the following address java Plug-in and press Enter.

Once the application shows you, you must go to the “About” tab and there you must look for the information regarding the version that is currently installed on your PC. But to be sure you must go directly to its official page. This to be able to check if there is no more updated version of this program.

If this still doesn’t offer you a solution, then you should update your graphics card driver. Since this can produce the error when it is executed, for this you must enter the “Device Manager”. Then you must look for the option “Display adapters” and the different installed devices will be displayed.

Now you must choose a component and double click and select drivers and then select the option “Update driver” now you just have to wait for the update to complete. And in this way the error of Minecraft does not open starts the game should be solved.

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