Fix Google Calculation Formula Parsing Error

Always having trouble with Google Spreadsheets analytics formula? , is an error that has become very common among users who use this Google tool to perform calculations, many times we get stressed without knowing the reason for the error, then we will explain how to correct this error and put an end to your problems.

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  1. How to correct calculation formula errors in Google
  2. How to spot errors in formulas
    1. Check accuracy
    2. check supports
    3. Parsing issues
    4. Semicolon vs. commas
    5. Use apostrophe start method

How to correct calculation formula errors in Google

Sometimes when we insert the formulas in our spreadsheet for some reason it gives an error, and no matter how hard we try we cannot discover the cause, to solve this problem. Google has a support page where it suggests the possible causes of problems editing spreadsheets and offers the possible solution to the error.

Some errors are visually easy to identify, others not so much and often it is our headache, before trying anything what you should do is detect the possible error , for this below you will find the causes of the possible error that you present and how fix it.

How to spot errors in formulas

Spreadsheets are designed to respond to certain data encodings, when they are not done correctly, this by default does not detect the formula that we are inserting and then gives us an error code.

Each error code has a cause, and they come in different variations, the common ones being the #VALUE! or the error #ERROR! , all error codes have a different cause, but in general it is due to mathematical impossibilities of formulas that have been entered manually.

An example of this is the #VALUE! This occurs when two different types of data cannot be resolved, such as when we ask you to multiply, divide, or add a numeric value with a text value.

Check accuracy

Before attempting any action, you should first check the accuracy, almost always the errors in the formula can be typographical . Observe and detail the way you manually insert the formula. You must know the correct way to insert the formulas to avoid a possible calculation parsing error.

It is important that you always keep in mind Google spreadsheets, they have specific requirements when it comes to symbols and characters in a formula , so I recommend consulting Google support .

check supports

Check the line where the function field is inserted, to make sure that the formula has the correct characters , it is common for an error to occur when excessive quotation marks and brackets are inserted. Otherwise, you may get an error where the characters inserted incorrectly are in a red color.

Parsing issues

This problem occurs when a formula containing characters is inserted into the spreadsheet, or it may also happen that the formula is missing a character. It is very common for it to happen, that when inserting a formula it may be missing a symbol, when you want to  link lines of text or several numerical values , or it also happens when we forget to place the “&” symbol. The best way to prevent this problem from occurring is to know the causes and to assess where the error is and then correct it.

Semicolon vs. commas

Although it seems like a simple error, it is very common that we present an error due to commas or periods, this can cause the spreadsheet not to interpret the formula and become unreadable.

This happens on some occasions when, for example, our keyboard is configured in a different language than the spreadsheet syntax, if the error is due to this it will be easy to solve by changing the language in which your keyboard is configured on your smartphone or PC.

Use apostrophe start method

A good trick to avoid a possible calculation error is to use an apostrophe at the beginning of your formula this allows you to convert the formula into a line of text, as we already know you will not be allowed to execute the formula because it is a line of text however you will be able to debug the formula to make it easy to check at each point in your formula.

In the event that the Google alternative does not convince you and causes you many problems, you can consult our article comparing Google Office vs Microsoft Office and decide whether to use Google spreadsheet or migrate to Microsoft software.


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