Fix; Fallout 5 won’t start, crash or slow down?

Fallout 5– developed by the Bethesda Softworks team, has several serious problems with which the developers are actively fighting. The main reason for the shortcomings is the early release and the lack of a beta test stage. Many players have encountered launch errors and crashes. For some, it simply did not start or was not installed. Today we will understand the causes of the malfunctions and refer to the official documentation.


  1. Fallout 5 won’t launch. Error starting the game
  2. Fallout 5 crashes during gameplay or on startup
  3. Fallout 5 is not installed
  4. We solve the problem with installing from the launcher
  5. Reasons for the installation error from the archive
  6. Black screen in Fallout 5
  7. Delay in Fallout 5. Lowering the ping in the game
  8. DLL file missing error
  9. Fallout 5 slows down and lags. Low FPS we increase the performance
  10. No sound
  11. The keyboard does not work, does not see the mouse or gamepad
  12. Fallout 5 server unavailable. Connection error
  13. DirectX error
  14. Saves disappear

Fallout 5 won’t launch. Error starting the game

The main cause of launch problems is outdated player device libraries. First, let’s try to update the components to the current version.

  1. Update component Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010
    1. x86: vc_redist.x86.exe
    2. x64: vc_redist.x64.exe
    3. ARM64: vc_redist.arm64.exe
  2. Update Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Web Installer)
  3. DirectX Web Installer

After updating the standard libraries, you should start installing the current video card drivers:

  1. Download and update drivers Nvidia GeForceand its components. Almost every day, updates are released that are designed to solve graphical problems and incompatibilities with games. If the problem has been fixed, and the drivers are outdated, then most likely this will be the reason why the game does not start.
  2. Current drivers for AMDRadeon, also very often become simple solutions to this problem. Refresh and try to launch the game again, most likely the problem will go away.

90% of all startup problems can be solved by updating drivers and libraries.

Fallout 5 crashes during gameplay or on startup

There is an error associated with the crashes in which the execution of the startup file is blocked. The developers are aware of this problem among some users and are already solving this issue. They recommend that players facing this problem do the following:

  1. Update launchergames to synchronize baselines.
  2. Check the disk for errors (the application was probably installed in a bad sector). This is done from the command line with the command:CHKDSK / F / R
  3. Disable the antivirus for a while or switch it to game mode.
  4. Update components to the current version (according to the instructions above).

Crashes are one of the most common problems with games. It accounts for 65% of all faults faced by developers.

Fallout 5 is not installed

The installation problem can have several solutions, which differ from where the installation is from. If this is a launcher, then changing the DNS will help, if these are downloaded files, then most likely the matter is in broken files or viruses deleted from the archive.

We solve the problem with installing from the launcher

This problem is known and at the moment the solution would be a banal change of DNS servers to yandex. This can be done quite simply.

  1. Go to connection settings
  2. Find the item editing DNS servers
  3. Write there: 88.8.8and

The simpler is the way to install and configure a VPN connection in which you can successfully download. Your region of connection is probably temporarily blocked on Amazon servers for downloading the game.

Reasons for the installation error from the archive

The problem is most likely in damaged files that were downloaded from dubious sources. Antivirus scan files right during download and often remove code to avoid infecting your device with malware. Such files become “broken”, so they will be blocked during reading.

Black screen in Fallout 5

If a black screen appears when starting the game, most likely you have not installed latest video driver updates(from the link above). We recently released a FIX that fixes this problem.

If a black screen appears when a player connects to the server or enters the game, then most likely VC ++ libraries not updated (links above).

Delay in Fallout 5. Lowering the ping in the game

The problem with ping and high latency has been known for a long time. When connecting to the game, the servers determine the region and connect the user to the closest ones available.

You can lower PING by checking the computer for blocking program connections. Of the main causal software, the developers distinguish the following:

  1. VPN working at the time of the game
  2. Active downloads or uploads via torrent
  3. Anti-virus or firewall actions to filter traffic
  4. Using programs by type OBS, Discord
  5. Poor internet connection.

Try to figure out these reasons and the ping will most likely return to normal.

DLL file missing error

As a rule, problems associated with the absence of DLL libraries arise when starting Fallout 5, but sometimes the game can access certain DLLs in the process and, not finding them, crash in the most insolent way.

To fix this error, you need to find the DLL you need and install it on your system. The easiest way to do this is with the programDLL-fixer, which scans the system and helps to quickly find missing libraries.

Fallout 5 slows down and lags. Low FPS we increase the performance

At the moment, some users are experiencing some delays in the game. This is due to outdated equipment or a real problem that simply lowers the FPS in the game due to the double elaboration of the graphics.

To increase FPS, the developers recommend the following:

  1. Release more than 4GBRAM for the game.
  2. Try optimizesystem registry.
  3. Clean up more disk space.
  4. Update your video card drivers (from the links above).
  5. Reduce graphics settings to their minimum
  6. Run the game in windowed mode

No sound

The main problem with sounds can be disabled audio codec or audio driverwhich the game does not support. Try to go to the sound settings and change the active device. According to the standard, the device “default“, But you have to manually select the driver you want.

The keyboard does not work, does not see the mouse or gamepad

If the mouse, keyboard or gamepad stopped responding, then most likely the point is in the anti-cheat that the application uses. The developers recommend not to use programs that simulate screen recording. These include: Discord, OBS, etc. Disable them and try to re-enter the game.

Be sure to check in the control settings for active device connections. If they are not in the list, then it is probably worth finding more up-to-date drivers.

Fallout 5 server unavailable. Connection error

In this case, you should immediately switch the antivirus to the “passive filtering“Or disable it altogether. It’s all about filtering traffic or poor internet connection. If your connection is unstable, then most likely a connection error will be displayed. Fallout 5 servers may be unavailable due to routine maintenance or closed due to heavy load.

DirectX error

Mostly you can find error codes like:

  • DirectX Runtime Error

Diagnostics consists in checking the version and the relevance of the installation (reinstallation) of the DirectX version. Often, a certain version of the program is already embedded in the installer itself, and now it just may not be relevant anymore.

To check, we perform the following actions:

  1. We use the combination WIN + R
  2. Writes command dxdiag
  3. On the Monitor 1tab , in the Notes section, it should read “No problems found“.

Saves disappear

There may be several reasons why you can determine how to solve the save problem. In some cases, they are deleted after exiting, in others they simply cannot be registered due to incorrectly set (by the registry or installer) rights to the folder.

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