How to start a settlement on Spectacle Island in Fallout 4

Spectacle Island is an island on the Fallout 4 map. This is the perfect place to start your own settlement and build a secure base. The large territory and isolation from the outside world make this place very attractive.It will not be difficult to visit the island and find a workbench, but at the moment the build mode will be unavailable.

First you need to supply food to the hut. Wires run from the dilapidated building, they will lead us to the shore, where the ship is.We go inside and turn on the switch on the generator. In the same room we find the Fat Man (he will be useful to us).

At the top of the ship you can find the Luck Bobblehead.

However, we will not be allowed to simply return: the path will be blocked by the Swampworm Queen (big mommy, to be honest). Dealing with it will not be so easy, so we immediately start up the newly found fat man. In the battle with her, use cover, the upper deck of the tug is great for shooting. Do not stay in one place, constantly change your position. Having dealt with the monster, go back. Switch on the switch in the hut and the workbench will become active. Now you can calmly immerse yourself in the arrangement of one of the most interesting settlements in the entire community.

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