10 programs slow down your computer

We install all kinds of programs on the computer when we need them and stop using them a few days later when they have completed their mission. But it’s a bad idea: if you don’t use them, delete them now. There are a number of programs that slow down your computer and are preventing you from enjoying all the advantages of it. If you play online, it will be slow. If you connect to the Internet, too.

There are some programs or applications that cause the Internet connection to go especially slow or the computer to go slower than usual. That is why it is important that you take it into account and that you use them only when it is essential.

Programs and applications that slow down

There are many programs and applications that make our computer go slow. Not in itself for having them installed but for being running or working in the background. You can leave them installed, in most cases, but you must take into account that they will be a problem if you are going to play online and want maximum speed.

video call programs

The first problem we have is video call programs. They are common and much more since 2020 and the times of confinement. But video and voice communication programs and applications make our Internet connection slower and not work as it should if you use them continuously. It may be that the applications are running in the background, for example. Or that you are in a video call while using the Internet: it will make it go too slow…

In that case, the steps are simple: disconnect the video signal to do the download or upload you want and reconnect it when you’re done as this will make the connection work better in that time. Of course, it will imply that you stop participating in the call for a while so it is not always an option.

download programs

There are other programs that, as you already know, slow down your computer or worsen your Internet connection. They are the download programs that we have been using for years and that you may have installed. Even if you are not going to use it at that moment, if you have it installed, it will generally turn on or open the moment you turn on the computer and start working regardless of whether you need it or not. Even if you don’t need it at the moment, it will still be running and may make your connection much slower.

Delete them permanently if you haven’t used them for a long time. If you use them sporadically, disconnect it when you don’t need it. You can also configure it so that it does not open automatically when you turn on the computer and thus prevent it from slowing down the Internet when you do not need it at all.

Other tips to improve speed

If your computer is slow when connecting to the Internet, there are other tips that you can follow and that are useful to improve speed… Beyond deleting all the programs mentioned in previous paragraphs, basic tips that allow us to have a better speed if the Internet does not work correctly and we know that it is not the fault of the router or our operator.

  • check the trash

It is important that you review the garbage that you have stored in it. Videos, documents, files. Go through the download folder that we always forget about and see what is useful and what is already dispensable of everything there. In addition, you can use specific programs that are capable of automatically deleting all files that are considered junk. There are many programs that fulfill this function and that will make it work more smoothly and taking advantage of all its performance. In addition, they will find junk that you cannot see with the naked eye in the folders on your computer.

  • Be careful with the tabs

Another tip that you can follow is to delete or close all the open tabs that you have in the browser, both on the computer and on the mobile phone. We can close them manually or we can install extensions for Google Chrome that is responsible for managing the browser tabs when we are not using them or do not need them.

  • anti virus

You can also install an antivirus. Windows has one by default and it is advisable that you always have it activated from the computer configuration. But beyond the one that comes installed on your computer, you can use other programs capable of detecting malware and that will help us find out why the Internet is slow and what the problem is.

If with all these solutions you have not found how to make the Internet go faster, perhaps the problem is not with your computer itself, but rather you should contact your operator or check some aspects of your router to check if the Internet connection works correctly or if You get the contracted megabytes in your rate.


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