Five tips to solve physics exercises

The contents of Physics are considered by many students as the most difficult to be understood, which makes this science seen as a villain by those who will take contests, entrance exams and Enem .

When it comes to solving Physics exercises, there are a number of mistakes made that may lead the student to not even be able to start solving them. We have separated five tips for you to get organized and solve the Physics exercises.

  1. Know the theory!

There is no magic! There is no way to solve a physics exercise without knowing the basics of the theory involved. Without knowing the rules, laws and methods, the information provided by the statement of the question will not make any sense.

  1. Write down the data!

Always reserve a space to note all the data provided in the statement of the question, so, whenever you need some information, it will be accessible and you will not need to go back to the text to read it again.

  1. Transform the units!

The International System of Units (SI) establishes which are the units of measurement used for each physical quantity . It is very common to need to make a unit transformation to be able to solve an exercise, so, before throwing the numbers into the equations, check if your units of measure are in the standard established by SI.

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The standard imposed by the International System of Units can only be set aside if the issue itself requires the use of a different unit .

  1. Acknowledge the command of the issue!

The command of the question is what must be executed, the unknown, the “x” of the question. You cannot start solving an exercise without knowing what to do.

  1. Analyze the equations

Look for the equation that can be used for the simplest resolution of the problem. There are cases where more than one equation can be used. Thinking before you act can ensure that you do the exercise in the simplest way.


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