Those five signs will show that the car engine is not good

The most important thing for a car to run is the engine. And if there is a serious problem with the engine, you may notice in advance. Know in advance the bad engine and its problems. Resolve the problem while it is small, otherwise it can cause danger. Today, we will talk about the things that, with just 5 things to do, make sure that your car’s engine is not good.


When smoke comes out of the car, it is never considered a good sign. Many times, you will see smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe from the back of the car. These washes have specific colors again. By looking at the color of the wash you can understand exactly what problem your engine is having.

Blue colored smoke in the car

  • Blue Smoke –

The blue smoke means the oil is coming out of the engine in some other way and burning with fuel. And to stop this fuel burn you always have to keep your crane case with engine oil. But it’s best if you take your car to a mechanic and repair the car’s specific leakage.

  • White colored smoke

Water is concentrated or solidified and mixed with the fuel supply site. Adding antifreeze to the car’s cooling system will protect the vehicle from heating until it pours water or any other liquid. But nevertheless, the best idea is to solve the problems from a good service center. And if the smoke goes out from under the hood of the car, then you should understand that your car’s engine is overheated. And you didn’t notice the white color smoke coming out of the car’s tailpipe. If the car is overheated, usually the smoke comes out of the tail pipe then the smoke goes out from under the hood of the car. Another major reason for such overheating of the engine is that it does not pour any coolant-like liquid into the engine or forget to pour it.

Bad engine and scent smell

If you want to drive the car properly you need to know how to take care of the car parts. Car PartsParticularly careful, there is no bad smell inside the car. But the bad engine and its smell are completely different. Playing something inside the car can cause bad odors. That’s one thing and the smell of gasoline, petrol and many other metals under the hood of a car is another thing. This type of odor may be leaking oil or coolant to your car, another may be leaking exhaust gas, leaving a serious impact on the interior of your car. Cars and trucks contain many types of toxic gas, such as carbon monoxide. These gases can also cause serious odors. And if you want to get the smell out of the car, then of course make sure to repair the car quickly. From the bottom of the hoodie, the smell of rubber burns can be very frequent. Such a bad odor can spread if the drive belt or other parts’ belt is damaged or torn. The liquids contained within the rubber belt can smell like burned or heated.

A bad engine can cause bad odors

Clock sounds

Minor clicks or ticks are very common. But if the engine motors start to get any strange noise then it certainly is annoying enough. And fear of driving a car with such noise. And if that kind of noise always comes from the middle of your gear, then your car’s transmission needs to be altered or repaired. And the matter is definitely important. And if you drive a manual transmission, then you need expert advice for quick parts repair.

Unusual movements

If you notice any abnormal movement, sudden stops, etc. in the car, you will immediately realize that the car has a bad engine problem. If the car stops in the mood of popping and rocking (the name of a dance move) then there is a huge problem. Such problems are mainly due to wasted spark plugs, dirt on fuel pipes or problems with the main control parts of the vehicle, etc. And the last thing you can do in these problems is to give the car some time by pressing on the accelerator of the car so that the car itself can overcome this problem. And if the accelerator does not move even after applying the car accelerator with a lot of pressure, then you must become an experienced mechanic.

Warning lights / red lights

When learning to drive, you need to earn at least a PhD degree in car lights. You should know very well what lights a car lights, and always check if any lights are on when leaving the car. If the lights are turned on several times while taking the car start, then you have to understand if there is a problem with the car’s computer being checked. Once all the lights are off, you will understand that your car is ready to run properly. And if one of the lights is on at the end, then you should know that your car has a bad engine problem. Now, depending on which light is lit, the problem is big or small. The lights are usually connected to the sensor. The sensor acts like the brain of a car. If for any reason there is a problem with the car engine or elsewhere, the car’s computer will send you a warning message with the lights on through the sensor.

Different meanings of different lights

Usually the lights will be lit with three problems –

  • When the amount of oil is reduced
  • If oil pressure is low
  • Check engine lights
  • Check engine lights

Light can mean different meanings. If you do not tighten the screws of the gas cap, the check engine light may be on. Now you can use the scanner tool to check for any such problem. The scanner tool looks like a calculator. The scanner tool will connect you to your car’s connection port. And once connected, this scanner tool, through the main controller parts of the vehicle, will tell you exactly what caused your car’s warning lights or red lights.

Check engine lights are the most disturbing lights

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