Causes and immediate remedies for over engine heating

It is normal for the engine to be a little hot while running. But if the car’s engine always heats up and the temperature rises above normal, then worry. The coolant is used in the radiator to keep the engine cool. Coolant is a type of liquid. The coolant flows into the engine and absorbs the excess temperature. In the re-engine, the coolant flows to the engine and cools where it flows. While the car is normally running, it can be a little overheating but if the engine is always hot, then definitely get the advice of a veteran. We may not know too much about the coolant system. Let’s not know these important things –

How the Coolant System Works

Coolant system is a very common method of vehicle. Coolants are located in the car’s radiators and liquids. In that part, there are pipes up and down through which the coolant flows into the engine and the radiator returns. And that’s how the radiator is kept cool. Your car has a thermostat. Whereby the coolant is held in a certain position until the car reaches normal temperature. The fan is in the radiator to expel hot air. That fan helps put out the hot air. And behind the timing belt cover is a water pumper. That pumper pumps the coolant and spills it all over the engine.

Anti-freezing coolant is what it looks like

The coolant circulates around the engine and accumulates heat, and this method reduces the heat generated when the engine is running. But the heat inside the coolant increases. The coolant method recirculates and passes over the radiator fan and emits heat. With this method, the coolant starts again.

Causes the car’s engine to overheat

Vehicle engines may overheat for various reasons. You can understand the causes of the car’s engine heating up a little

·         Less coolant in quantity

One of the main reasons for the overheating of the vehicle is the reduction in the amount of coolant on the engine. The temperature of the engine cannot be controlled properly when the amount of coolant in the engine is reduced. Sometimes the coolant may fall due to leakage.

·         Damaged thermostat

Another reason the car is overheated is a damaged thermostat. The thermostat is fully controlled by the engine temperature and then the coolant can easily pass through the engine, without interruption. And if the thermostat is too close, then the dam becomes dangerous and the engine becomes hot. The heater in your car also removes cold air.

If the thermostat is damaged, it must be replaced

·         Waste water pump

Rarely happens but water pumps can sometimes be wasted. Another reason behind the sudden overheating of the car’s engine is the loss of water pump. When water pumps are wasted, they are usually replaced with timing belts. And if the water pump parts are wasted, the engine of the car can quickly become hot.

Replace the waste water pump

·         If the fan of the radiator motor is damaged

If the weather is too hot, the fan of the radiator motor can be damaged. And when the radiator motor is damaged, your car’s engine can overheat very quickly.

If the fan is damaged in the radiator, you should quickly fix it

·         If the fan relay is damaged in the radiator

If the fan relay is damaged in the radiator, then the engine of the car may become hot. This problem does not appear much when driving on highways. This is because when driving on a road, the air is normally fanned and the radiator does not need a fan. However, other times, the fan relay may become overheated if your car’s engine is overheated.


How to fix this problem / solution immediately

  • Switch off the AC.
  • Keep the car engine off for 3-5 minutes.
  • Find out if there is a leak or any other problem.
  • Occasionally check the coolant space.
  • See the big problem and fix it.
  • Consult a good service center and an experienced mechanic.
  • If your thermostat is outdated, change it.
  • Check the amount of coolant every month.
  • Try to solve the problem as quickly as possible.

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