Fish candy

Fish Caramel  : It is a brand of Austrian caramels that are shaped like small rectangular tablets that are found in small pocket dispensers, made by the same company.

Origin and history of Pez candies

In 1927 the Austrian Eduard Haas manufactured the first mint candy. This was the moment when the three famous letters of the acronym “PEZ” were also born, extracted from the word “Pfefferminz”, which in German means “mint”. The refreshing caramel, sold in small cans, was then enthusiastically received by the aristocratic class. Firstly, these little candies are marketed as a reduced mint sweet in Australia, specifically in the city of Vienna. Chemical yeast was used to make it, and he decided to sell the small capsules in small packages and dispenser tubes the size of a lighter. Because of its refreshing taste, people started using it as a tobacco masker.

Due to the Second World War , the production and sale of Pez candies was halted, but it resumed at the end of the conflict in 1945. By 1952, Eduard Haas marketed this product in the United States , and the president of the subsidiary in that country, Curtis Allina , decided to focus the product on a children’s audience, by selling dispensers with the heads of characters, such as Mickey Mouse or Santa Claus , which achieved a good acceptance and made the brand known worldwide. Since then, more than 550 different models have been created , which are even considered as collectibles.

In 1973 the company creates a factory in Orange, Connecticut. From 1983 to 2003 the company is chaired by Scott McWhinnie , who doubled the production of the candies and dispensers. In 2006 , the heirs of Eduard Haas take over the shareholding power. In August 2011 PEZ develops its assortment with a new product: PEZ Soft. Both candies and dispensers clearly differ from already known products. Instead of candies, this new range of products incorporates soft jelly beans; and instead of the well-known PEZ dispensers, the so – called “Action-Dispenser”, with which the jelly beans can be thrown outwards as if driven by a catapult.

Already in 2013 they return to the retro designs of the fifties’ style, or the old cans with different designs, PEZ Mint without sugar allows you to enjoy mint candies with the greatest of styles and, at the same time, refresh the breath. 2014 peppermint candy have a lot in common: the shape, high quality and great style of its presentation remain the same.

Together with the classic retro dispenser, 1950s style, or the old-fashioned cans with different designs, PEZ Mint without sugar allows you to enjoy mint candies in the greatest of styles and, at the same time, refresh your breath. Currently the headquarters of the company is located in the city of Traun (Austria), although the city of Orange maintains the factory where the candies are made. The dispensers are made in Hungary and China.

Pez candy flavors

At the beginning, the flavor of the caramels was that of Mint, but as the company developed, they included new flavors such as strawberry , cherry , apple , lemon , watermelon or orange, among others. Although there are also other modalities such as the flavor of cola or coffee, and flavors without sugar.


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