The first thing you need When you get started in networking business

Have you ever wondered? What is the first thing you need when you decide to start in network marketing? After you’ve thoroughly researched  five questions you should be asking yourself before joining network marketing.     I’ll share with you what you will need to have when you make the decision to be successful in networking.

The most important thing in the beginning is “a long-term business commitment”.    It is very important. If you have ideas like how I will try and see if I get real money, I will recommend a few friends, I will try them in 1-2 months and you will quit and leave the business inside. It is not long, so you have to have the idea that “I’m going to really take 1-2 years to build this business seriously and keep doing it until it’s successful.”

I saw a lot of people getting involved in the business and they stopped within the first month. Because they just “try it up”, “study it,” they don’t have the idea of ​​doing business in the long run. In the beginning, everyone had to study information, learn and take action, being rejected over and over again. What is important is to stand up and not give up.

When i started I made up my mind and told my family that “I have decided to do my business very seriously for at least a year and I will make time to build my business at least 3-4 hours a day (more, less according to each person). But must be consistent) ”I said so that everyone would know. And during the first year that I seriously took action I might have to cut down on my time doing family activities.

In the first 3 months, I had almost no income. But I know that It was a learning curve. In the 4th month my business started to slowly grow. I have become more proficient until 1 year has passed and I have an income of over 40 thousand baht / month. And tends to be more and more

Many people without a commitment And does not keep words They might get excited at first. But when you don’t have a commitment to yourself When in the beginning May not have income, invite people, do not learn, or meeting, will quit from business within no time.

You must know Where do you want to go? And have a clear commitment to oneself

What is your opinion? Share this story with your team. Even if you are not new to the business. I think this article will help you grow your business even more.


by Abdullah Sam
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