Find out what Feng Shui means

The Feng Shui was born more than five thousand years in China. However, many other countries in the East ended up adopting the technique, which consists of connecting the points of energy from nature with the different types of environments of buildings and other buildings.

According to philosophy, Feng Shui makes life more harmonious and happy . It is possible to have positive effects on relationships between family, couples and friends. Another area influenced by the Chinese technique is health, which can improve significantly, according to its supporters.

Feng Shui experts also believe that the arrangement of furniture in relation to energy points, can influence even the business success of businesses. For this reason, some companies turn to specialized consultants to attract good profits.

Understanding Feng Shui

You can apply the techniques in the living room, kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms (Photo: depositphotos)

The idea of ​​studies of the technique is that every person or object emanates an energy , which can be good or bad. Therefore, our home, store, company or work environment are constantly invaded by energies that come and go, stay and go. We are also conductors of this type of energy ourselves, especially when we are in trouble.

In situations like this, a professional who specializes in Feng Shui can modify the charged environments so that they can function as energy catalysts for good, for this he even uses natural elements such as water, air, earth and fire , which great allies in this conversion from negative to positive.

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In which environments do you apply Feng Shui?

Some adherents of Chinese wisdom begin to apply Feng Shui while still on the floor plan, keeping an eye on the cardinal points, north, south, east and west. Here are some tips:

In the room: abuse of round objects, such as tables, centers, chandeliers, lamps etc. Feelings of inner peace and harmony are concentrated in the room;

At the entrance : contrary to what many people do, do not put a mirror right at the entrance to your house, as this can scare luck. By placing it in the corridor, it is possible to attract good energies;

In the kitchen: mixing some materials can cause a loss of energy from the environment. In a kitchen, there are many wooden and metal objects. In the first, keep them away from fire or any appliance that has waves, the second cannot be mixed with water.

In the bathroom: due to the large circulation of water in this environment, the bathroom is considered a great point of energy leakage. To prevent this from happening, it’s simple: keep the bathroom door always closed.

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