How to fight depression with small steps

There are people who unwittingly join in depression . They even have the idea of suicide in their heads or they may think about how to do it. No one can blame these thoughts when help is not asked, but it is necessary to recognize when bottoming.

Once the bottom is touched, there is only one thing left: start climbing to get out of the hole in which without realizing you got . This is how you start fighting with depression , this is how you can expand your wings again … and fly. Next, we are going to tell you some ways to start fighting with your sad feelings or depression. Remember that if you don’t feel capable, you need to seek professional help.

There are people who unwittingly join in depression

Move in if you can

If you can move to a better place, do it . Find a job in another location and simply start from scratch somewhere else. If you don’t want to move a lot, change your location in your own location … or simply move your work to a different environment. Ideally, move to another place, because that way you can afford to start from scratch.

Accept who you are

Sometimes depressions appear because you pretend to be who you are not . When you move, you can decide to start being yourself, without masks … And whoever wants you to accept you and who doesn’t, is not worthy of being in your life. Never regret showing who you really are, that you don’t care what others think of you, because your friends will accept you and deserve your time.

Find out what depressed you

This is important: to grow, you must know what depressed you in the first place.  Perhaps it was the death of a loved one as a mother or the stress of work or a toxic relationship. Maybe your thoughts make you feel worse and worse, there are many circumstances that can make you feel bad but you have the power to let depression drag you with it, or not.

It is necessary that under any circumstances you value yourself and realize everything you are worth. Write your feelings and then think about them objectively. This way you can understand the situation better, as if you were a neighbor or someone outside your life.

Set small goals

When you achieve things, even if they are small, you should congratulate yourself for it. Set small goals and enjoy when you achieve them, such as greeting your neighbors, smiling at the supermarket cashier or arriving 5 minutes before work . Some goals may be easy, but others may cost you more, don’t worry about it and enjoy the road. You can be the best version of yourself, as long as you really want to get it. You need to feel valid for it. Do not pretend to be who you are not, do things as your heart dictates.

Some days are worse than others

Keep your head up

Some days are worse than others, but don’t let those days affect you. Think about what you have achieved instead. In this way you will start waking up in the morning with text messages that want to hang out with you .. You can start feeling energy to work. You will have some internal changes that will improve your life. .. the world will become easier.

That you don’t care about other people’s judgments, you live your life and you need to focus on yourself and your well-being. Life can give you problems and they are normal things. Some will be more complicated than others and from the most extreme circumstances you can get great lessons … but remember, if you realize that you are not able to cope with it, then go to a professional’s office.

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