7 qualities that all safe women have

There is a difference between women who are confident and conceited women. The difference is in the personality . Trust is something that all women strive to have. Whether fake or accomplished, it is something that is not always easy to maintain. Pretending confidence is good for women who are beginning the process of becoming more confident.

False confidence, which should not be confused with arrogance, is something for which a woman should never be called. Women who are at this stage are working on the pretend strategy until you do. There is nothing wrong with this … However, all confident women share some qualities that allow them to have the level of confidence they have. Here are those qualities.

They have a quiet confidence

This is where the line between arrogance and trust weakens.  One of the main differences between trust and arrogance is when a woman does not feel the need to rub on people’s faces how safe she is. Those who try too hard to make known how great they really do not believe it. People who try to rub their success on other people’s faces are people who feel the need to push others down to get up.

Safe women are not complacent people

Calm confidence is when a woman sets goals and keeps quiet about them. She does not feel the need to tell this to anyone, she does not feel the need to show how amazing she is, she already knows … When she reaches her goals , she applauds herself. She doesn’t need anyone to tell her how great she is.  She already knows it because she knows what it is worth. He knows what he is capable of and is proud of that. She doesn’t need anyone else to validate her.

They know how to say no

Safe women are not complacent people. They don’t care if people don’t like what they are doing. They know they are doing the right thing for them. The confident woman knows that if she doesn’t like something, she has to change things. She knows when to say no and how to say it seriously. This woman is not afraid to say no because she knows that her words have meaning and, therefore, deserve respect. If you don’t want to do something, you’re not afraid to politely reject it. This is true in almost all situations, even when her friends are doing something she doesn’t want to do.

They listen

They don’t consider themselves too good to hear what other people have to say. Although women trust their own ideals and standards, they are more than open to hearing what ideas other people may have, because they can be good. Safe women may not like what they hear all the time, but they will accept that other people have different opinions than their own. They know that listening is sometimes more valuable than talking.

Women who are confident know that they will not be perfect

They accept their defects

We all have defects. There is not a single person in the world who is an exception to that. Women who are confident know that they will not be perfect and are more than agree with that. Instead of hating their flaws, they celebrate them. They know where their strengths reside, where they can improve and they know that not everything revolves around their appearance. They don’t mind looking perfect because they know there is no such thing – Safe women don’t have time to worry about their flaws.  They are too busy achieving their goals to worry about something so superficial.

Do not apologize for your feelings

Confident women know that there is nothing wrong with letting themselves feel what they feel. They do not focus on what they ‘should’ feel or how they should ‘act’. They know they can feel and act as they want because they are human. It is common for women to apologize often for crying or getting angry. Women should not feel they have to apologize for feeling whatever they are feeling. We are allowed to feel jealous without having to apologize for it.  We are allowed to express ourselves without blaming others.

Self-assured women know that they will not always have the answers to everything

In addition to not apologizing, confident women are not afraid to open themselves to love. These women know that not everyone will treat them badly, mainly because they wouldn’t let that happen. Many confident women have broken their hearts and have not been afraid to move on.

They are not afraid to ask for help

Self-assured women know that they will not always have the answers to everything, so it is normal and necessary to ask others for help. Similarly if someone requires your help, they will not hesitate to help others.

Help others

Safe women will always be there to support the people they love. No doubt about it.  They love to encourage people and see people succeed in life. They are not too absorbed in themselves to focus on other people’s achievements. They are generally happy for people when they do well in life.  They will also be the first to support a person in need. They will be there to help build people again when necessary. The women sure know who they are and what they want to do in life. They are not afraid of not being successful because they know they cannot sit and wait for something to happen. They have to go out and realize these goals. These qualities are the things that make a woman confident.

If you are a woman and want to feel that you also have confidence in yourself but you do not see yourself reflected in these words, then do not hesitate to read this post again and write down on a paper those characteristics that you think you are missing but that you want to have. Once you are clear, you will only have to start acting in such a way that you can begin to feel the way we have described above. Little by little, you will feel that you have more confidence in yourself and that everything will be fine.

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