Painting can be the secret of your happiness

No one has to convince you to do a certain activity just because you have nothing better to do with your time or because other people enjoy it. There are activities that for others can be wonderful but that mean nothing to you. But what is a good idea is always to try an activity because it has benefits for mental health , at least try if it can be a good idea for you.

Do not just watch Netflix or use social networks are thinking while watching your social networks. There are many ways to relax after a long day and that can also be healthy for your mind. A hobby that most people don’t really know and can benefit your health is to paint . Canvases, brushes, oil paintings, acrylic paints … whatever! When you put it all together, along with an hour or two from time to time, your life can change for the better. We tell you why!

It relax you

Being able to sit back, recover and do something really simple and meaningless is the perfect way to relax after a long day. How painting is so easy and there is not much concentration involved, there really is no reason to be stressed about it. In fact, it has been shown that painting can relax you even more than watching your favorite movie. As you don’t have to pay attention to a story and the stress of the characters is not present in your paintings, you can really relax.

It allows you to be creative

How often do you have the opportunity to be really creative in your life? Most people are not lucky enough to have a job that allows creativity to flow freely. If you are caught dialing numbers all day or interacting with other people on an intellectual level, you can never be creative.

Painting allows you to get in touch with that side of you

Painting allows you to get in touch with that side of you. Creativity is a very important aspect of a truly happy and healthy mind. Not only can painting benefit your creativity outside of work, but it can even improve your work performance by opening your mind to greater creativity and finding alternative ways of doing things.

Silence your excessive thinking

This has to be the best of painting. For some reason, in the second you take a brush, soak it in paint and touch it with a canvas, everything that causes your thoughts to burn out disappears. There are not many things you can do, other than meditation perhaps, that can really silence your mind like painting.

Balances brain activity

A healthy mind means that both sides of your brain are connected. When you have one side of your brain working more often than the other, you encounter some problems with your happiness. You need both your creative side and your analytical side working in equal proportions.

Painting is an emotional hobby

Painting has the ability not only to make the creative and correct side of your brain work harder, but also the ability to keep your left side functioning at the same time. You may not realize the effects of this specific benefit immediately, but it will change your usual way of thinking.

It puts you in touch with your emotional side

Painting is an emotional hobby. When you paint, you are spreading your current emotional state, even if you don’t want to.  The colors you choose, the patterns and even what you paint specifically can show you a lot about how you feel.

It is an emotional outlet that allows you to do everything without really thinking about it, talking to anyone else or having to relive any stressful and emotional problem you are currently dealing with.

It’s fun

Have a glass of wine, some friends, amazing music and have fun! Painting is not only really beneficial to relax and calm your mind, but it is also very fun. You don’t have to be good at painting, in fact, being bad is much more fun!

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