FIFA 20 guide: best players, teams, tutorials, FUT and more

FIFA 20 guide with the best players, best teams, fouls tutorials, FUT secrets and much more to get the most out of the PS4, PC and One game.

FIFA 20 goes on sale today for PC, PS4 and Xbox One , while on the Nintendo Switch comes a Legacy Edition updating the templates. The great game of EA is presented with several new features, starting with the new Volta mode with its more arcade and more entertaining style, and continuing with the new features that we have seen in modes such as Carrera, FUT and Pro Clubs. For this reason, in this guide under construction we will be explaining and adding all kinds of secrets, tricks and review to the best players and best teams currently in the game for different modalities. Do you want to be the FIFA champion?

FIFA 20 Guide – Tips, Tricks and More

First of all, let’s remind you that you have our analysis with a final note published since the week of launch, where we highlight the desire to improve and expand the offer of game modes and a much slower pace of games, although it is true that we miss more evolution and news on the pitch. You can also access our video analysis in case you want to see the game in motion and know what its main qualities are.

In the index of this guide the right of the page find different blocks that will be developed where we will talk about best players by position, age or potential for career mode, we will give advice on FUT and we will publish tutorials necessary to control all the elements of the game, such as fouls and dribbles.

In addition, we leave you with other articles that may be of interest to you on this page. The FIFA 20 guide is your information and data center to fully exploit the title. Let the ball roll.

Five teams to play career mode

One of the great virtues of a game like FIFA is to be able to recreate great stories that break the dominance of the classic teams in the major leagues. Therefore, in this article we recommend five teams to play career mode and become the revelation of the season in different leagues. They are teams with projection, attractive and with a story behind that deserves to be told.

FIFA 20 Web App: what it is and how it works

FIFA 20 comes from the hand of a new FIFA 20 Web App that serves to manage all kinds of elements of the FIFA Ultimate Team mode, including transfers and other management elements. An essential complement for PC, iOS and Android to be able to work on the changes of players in your FUT team. Here we tell you what the FIFA 20 Web App is and how it works.

FIFA 20 FUT Gold Player Chance

FUT is the Holy Grail of FIFA 20, and it sure helps you to know what are the real odds of getting gold players for your team in FIFA 20. Therefore, here you can find out the possibilities and percentages of getting gold players in FIFA FUT. twenty.

All stadiums in the game: and the 17 new ones

One of the great hooks that the saga has had for years is the issue of licenses, and this year is no less. That is why in this article we explain all the stadiums of the game and the 17 new fields that have been added in FIFA 20.

Best FIFA 20 free kick takers

Fouls have changed a lot in this installment and that’s why we are preparing a tutorial to explain how they are done, but beyond this, EA published an article in which we were revealed who are the best players throwing fouls in FIFA 20 . An article that surely goes great for you to know which sniper to sign for your team.

The best goalkeepers in FIFA 20

In the midst of controversy over the goal of Germany, where Ter Stegen asks for his place against a Neuer who seems to be in the doldrums, taking into account the best goalkeepers of the game is a guarantee to save games when they seem lost in a counterattack or in some impossible shot. Here you can see who are the best goalkeepers in FIFA 20 with their socks.

All packs available in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team

To succeed on the field of play you not only have to shine at the controls, but also have the best team possible. A total squad made up of cards of all kinds is the ingredient of success for Ultimate Team mode. Therefore, knowing the probabilities of each type of envelope and what variants exist is vital to ensure that the required profiles fall on our club.

Complete FUT Draft rewards in FIFA 20

Ultimate Team’s range of game modes is often unknown to most players. Among all of them, the presence of FUT Draft stands out, a aspect in which we are introduced to a four-game tournament while using a team of random footballers. Upon payment of a sum of coins or FIFA Points, the rewards you can achieve there are well worth your attention.

The best young forwards in FIFA 20

Whether it is for Ultimate Team enthusiasts or career mode romantics, getting to know the best under 21 players is crucial if we want to form a competitive and future squad. Names like Kylian Mbappé, Dani Olmo and Haland are some of the highest-ranked youth in all of FIFA 20. The youth team is everything.

The best young FIFA 20 midfielders

Another piece of the young people who stand out the most in FIFA 20. After the forwards, it is convenient to know which players can perform optimally on the team’s backbone . Jadon Sancho, the British pearl, or Federido Valverde, Real Madrid’s star youth squad, are among the names that stand out in the rotation.

The best young defenders in FIFA 20

Offensive, defensive and balance transitions in midfield. All the tilting of a team works thanks to the security offered by the wall in front of the goalkeeper. Of that string of young players the weight falls on the defenders , who form a set of extremely high performance for the coming seasons. Alexander Arnold is one of the figures in this selection.

The best young central defenders in FIFA 20

The work of the centrals must be recognized . Despite the fact that the wings contain the attack by the band, it is this (usual) couple who has the greatest responsibility on the line. De Matthijs de Ligt is the greatest exponent of the European future in his position. It hasn’t been turkey mucus all its trajectory until it got here.

How to make a powerful pass and low pass in FIFA 20

Knowing all the alternative techniques of FIFA 20 is crucial if we want to have the necessary confidence in every move. For this reason, we discuss how to make a powerful pass and low level in FIFA 20 . Powerful techniques that allow us to have enough pasticity to fit in situations of all kinds.

This is Braithwaite in FIFA 20, the new signing of Barça

The untimely relapse of Dembélé forced the Blaugrana team to look for a new substitute for their squad. The board of directors found this replacement in the ranks of Leganés; Braithwaite , the reference in the cucumber behind, packed his bags to head for Barcelona. Find out what Barça’s new ‘9’ looks like in FIFA 20.

Winter Refresh: All players added and improved in the update

As usual in EA Sports, after the end of the winter market FIFA Ultimate Team offers its particular partial renewal . Players like Ansu Fat i debut in game mode, while others like Achraft Hakimi have their original stats increased. The changes are already available.

All chemistry styles: what is it, bonuses and best combinations

There is life beyond the basic chemistry of the players. There are 22 cards that enhance certain abilities of the players who add it. Therefore, we bring you what they are like, what they are for and the best combinations to have the total team.


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