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Most businesses operate under charged names rather than the names of business owners. There are several reasons for businesses to use “fictitious business names”, such as the alleged name legally known. Registering a fictitious business name is not an expensive method. If you are starting a business, the benefits of having a registered fixtures business name make this an appropriate option for you to consider.


A fictitious business name (FBN) is a legal term for an alleged name that uses a business instead of the owner’s name. An FBN can be called WA (short for “working as a business”) name. Using a registered Fictitious Business Name allows you to use a business name without the expense of creating a separate entity of the person or business. The rules for filing an FBA are established by each state but the same general model is followed. Contact your Secretary of State’s office for specific requirements and procedures for your state.


In most states, filing an FBN is done at the county clerk’s office at the county level (and the county records office if formal records are required). Some states require that a President be filed with the Secretariat’s office. If the business is an exclusive proprietor, you will usually need to file an FBN if the work other than your name is done in the name of your business. If the business is a partnership or incorporation, but will be publicly known by a trade name, you will need an FBN. For example, a special restaurant chain that uses different names for individual locations, requires an FBN for each name.


To file an FBN, get the required form from the county clerk where the county is located. Search for a name and make sure the name you choose isn’t already in use; You cannot use an FBN that is already used. Most state secretaries of state offices have online databases for this purpose. Once the forms are complete, notify them and file them with the county clerk’s office. You may need to file with the county recorder as well as the recording. In most jurisdictions, you must give notice of the filing of a local newspaper.


The main benefit of using an FBN is that it doesn’t cost you to set up a separate business company to do business under another name. You can receive checks and credit card payments using FBN. Another benefit is that you can make good use of FBN as a trade name for advertising, keep it in letterheads and in checks. Finally, you have the exclusive right to use that special name after your FBN is registered.


Don’t neglect to know your state specific rules about using supposed business names. Doing business under an alleged name without an FBN can leave you open to fraud charges. See when the FBN filing expires. Usually you have to file every 5 years. Despite this, using an FBN is a relatively complicated method to protect your business name. A well-chosen name can contribute to the success of your business. Establishing strong name recognition in your community attracts customers and promotes off-face advertising, increasing customer traffic and sales.

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