Business Reception Etiquette

In business, welcoming customers, investors and others are the first contact at the door of the business. As such, receptionists make the first impression on others. To make that impression positive, receptionists must follow an etiquette protocol that meets company standards.


Receptionists perform a variety of administrative support functions, such as answering the phone, greeting visitors, scheduling appointments and ensuring that the reception area is clean and welcoming. Receptionists are essential as the work they do can impact the success of the company.

Phone etiquette

Receptionists should practice excellent telephone etiquette because a large part of their work is related to answering phone calls, screening or transferring. Receptionists should speak clearly and slowly, and they should not talk about food, drink or gum in their faces. They allow these to be called when the caller should hold them. Also, before transferring a call, the receptionist must call for what he or she is going to do.

Communication etiquette

Whether the receptionist is on the phone or the greeting visitor personally, he or she should follow standard communication etiquette. For example, the receptionists have to be patient with Kolkata and visitors, no matter the situation. Even if Kolkata or visitors express disappointment or anger, the receptionist should always be calm and patient.

Wearing Rituals – Principles

Since the receptionist comes through the door to greet the visitors for the first time, he must be well-dressed and dressed in human societies. The definition of standard business clothing is set by the company. For example, a corporate law firm will probably wear a suit to its receptionist. A receptionist for a pediatric dentist, however, will be wearing appropriate pants and sweaters in bright, fun colors.

Reception Area

Part of good etiquette is to maintain an environment that is welcoming, clean and comfortable for others. This means that the staff reception area should be kept clean and tidy, provide visitors with a magazine to read while offering coffee or water, and greet people appropriately.

Salary information for 2016 receptionists

Receptionists received a median salary of $ 27,920 in 2016, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. On the downside, receptionists earned the 25th annual salary of $ 22,700, meaning 75 percent earned more than that amount. The 75th percentile salary is $ 34,280, which means 25 percent more revenue. In 2016, there were 1,053,700 employed as receptionists in the United States.

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