Fiber types for cleaning

e are all very familiar with cleaning sponges. However, did you know that there is another alternative means of cleaning that could replace them?

Synthetic fibers are materials of high durability and cleaning efficiency, they conform to any surfaces and shapes, they do not release residues, they do not rust and they do not emit odors, besides they are practical and hygienic.

Check the types of fibers for cleaning below.

Soft Fiber: Indicated for light cleaning. It can be used on general surfaces, such as walls, Formica, stainless steel, ceramics, tiles etc., protecting the original appearance of delicate surfaces. Less likely to scratch surfaces.
Non-Streak Fiber: Product without abrasive, excellent for light and medium cleaning. Fits delicate surfaces, such as glass, porcelain, mirrors, milk drums, among others, as it avoids risks when cleaning. It is usually found in blue.
General Purpose Fiber: Ideal for medium soils. Contains abrasive and can be applied to floors, walls, countertops, equipment and kitchen utensils. The use in delicate materials is not indicated, as its abrasiveness can cause risks.
Fiber for Heavy Cleaning: Indicated for dirt of higher density. It can be used to remove crusts from pans or to clean the end of works where more resistant residues are found.
Ultra-Heavy Service Fiber: Should be used to remove crusts on plates, grills, kitchen utensils, ovens and pans. Cleans grease and adhered dirt, making it great for heavy cleaning. It has a thick and open blanket, which reduces the accumulation of food and prevents clogging of the surface. Not suitable for delicate materials.

It is recommended to use this synthetic fiber in place of sponges and steel wool for cleaning kitchen utensils.

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Polyester Fiber:  Specially produced for use in refrigerators. It is made of 100% polyester, which makes it an economical fiber that enables constant exchange and prevents contamination.


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