Why do we feel so good in the light of sun

We protect ourselves more and more from the sun … and there is already an extensive bibliography of undeniable truthfulness, which exposes the negative effects of ultraviolet and infrared that we receive from the sun. But there are many other positive effects of absorbing sunlight that are not trivial. The sunlight that enters through our eyes, mainly the blue part of the solar spectrum, is what regulates the balance between melatonin and serotonin, thus synchronizing the functioning of our internal organs and our state of mind.

Recent publications on ultraviolet B (UVB), which is absorbed into the epidermis, especially by scientists from northern Europe, state that due to its ability to activate vitamin D 3, it has positive collateral properties, being the Activated vitamin D, a very powerful anticancer and whose lack is being associated with an increased risk of diabetes , multiple sclerosis or obesity, among other pathologies.

Absorption of ultraviolet A (UVA) occurs up to about 1mm from the dermis, and recent studies claim that it causes peripheral vasodilation, which is why some Nordic scientists believe this would be a positive side effect for people with cardiovascular and hypertensive problems. , important causes of mortality in these countries.

The blue of the visible light of the sun deepens to about 2 millimeters inside the dermis and its absorption would have the same positive side effects as UVA, but to a lesser degree.

The key is found in the red light part of the sun, whose absorption within an organelle of our cells called mitochondria produces an increase in the synthesis of our energy unit called ATP. That is, the red light recharges the battery of our cells in the epidermis and the entire dermis.

Near infrared (IRA) is what we feel as heat, it produces the same recharging effects as red light and also gives rise to a gentle vibration of all the skin’s structures, reaching the muscles. We could compare it with a micromassage that reduces pain for people with contractures or who suffer from arthritis or arthrosis.

In our country we are fortunate to have sunlight with enough intensity so that in a short time, the light that enters through our eyes in the morning neutralizes melatonin and activates serotonin so that everything works properly, while This process works more insufficiently the further we go to the north of our hemisphere because the sunlight is less intense. Likewise, the described positive sensations of the light that enters through our skin are reduced due to having less intensity in the north or because its intensity is excessive if we descend from latitude with respect to our country.

We can say that our sun has the perfect dose of each component so that anyone who comes, simply by receiving it, feels good. If it is taken in its proper measure, of course .

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Dr. David Baeza Moyano is a photobiologist, professor at the San Pablo CEU University and representative of Spain in Commission VI of photobiology of the International Lighting Committee. This year he has received a research award for the creation of new light sources for the improvement of health at the GO HEALTH AWARDS 2019. You can check it on his YouTube channel “Photobiology. Light and Health » the videos « Positive effects of light absorbed by the skin » and « Positive effects of the absorption of light by our eyes 


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