Friend is the treasure we all want to have in our lives. In our life, we find some colleagues whose importance is more than our friends and with whom we share every possible secret of our life, seek advice and spend a hassle-free time with them. If such friends are planning to leave the company or office you may be asked to give a farewell speech so we have shared various samples that can help you make your speech more personal and emotional. You can easily take guidance from these speeches and add your examples and events to prepare farewell speeches of your friends.

Farewell Speech for Friends in Hindi

Speech – 1

Respected manager and dear team members!

Finally, the day has come when I am standing in the midst of you all preparing to give my farewell speech. I would like to start my speech by expressing my sincere gratitude to all of you for organizing such a lovely farewell ceremony for me. I’m really overwhelmed for this.

I joined this company 10 years ago. Then I was 25 years old, young and energetic. I have recently completed my management course with abundant practical knowledge. This company has given me a lot of opportunities to grow as a professional. Not only has this company enhanced my skills but also developed my knowledge as well as has given me many good friends like you.

I have had a great learning experience working here and I am thankful to the management committee for having faith in my skills and dedication. All my bosses have played an important role in making me a perfect professional but I would especially like to thank my current boss who is more than the boss for me. I get a glimpse of his best friend and elder brother.

आज मेरा आखिरी दिन होने के नाते मैं यह स्वीकार करता हूँ कि आप सब मुझे मजबूत व्यक्ति के तौर पर जानते हैं लेकिन मुझे भी समय-समय पर निराशा और हताशा का सामना करना पड़ा। एक समय था जब मैंने  खुद पर से विश्वास खो दिया था और नकारात्मक उम्मीदों के सहारे जीने लगा था। तब अचानक मेरे वर्तमान बॉस, मेरे दोस्त, मेरे गाइड श्री A ने मेरे मनोबल को बढ़ाया और मुझे निराशा भरे जीवन से बाहर निकलने में मदद की। मैंने उनसे सीखा कि बिना परेशानी के आलोचना और प्रशंसा कैसे  स्वीकार करें। मैंने न केवल अपनी पेशेवर जिंदगी में बल्कि अपने निजी जीवन में भी उनसे निर्देशन और मार्गदर्शन लिया है। उनके साथ काम करने से मेरी सोच काफ़ी बदल गई है और मैंने अन्य लोगों की राय, सलाह का सम्मान करना सीख लिया है और मेरे विचारों के साथ उनके विचारों को शामिल करके बेहतर परिणाम हासिल करने की कोशिश की।

Mr. A, I and our team have handled many difficult projects together and successfully completed them. We met as friends after the office work and celebrated every success. We have discussed personal and business problems and shared advice with each other whenever necessary. This company has not only given me a successful career but has also given very good and reliable friends.

I am leaving this company for personal reasons but I will always remember the company where I have worked with very talented and professional people. As a team leader and coach I have handled many teams but the team I am currently working with is the best team. You guys are so amazing. Whenever you guys have handled the work, I have never had to worry about the deadline or quality of any project or assignment. I used to share only the project plan and implementation details with you on the plan that you had to work on. All of you will be very successful and this organization will definitely give you everything you are entitled to.

It has been a wonderful experience working with dear friends like you and I will definitely remember it all. I wish you a successful life and career.

Thank you.


Speech – 2

Hello to everyone!

Thank you all for taking your time and joining this event. As you all know, we have gathered here to celebrate Mr. X’s farewell party. Today is his last day and today we will not work with him but will spend some good time with him. Mr. X and I joined this company with the same profile and have been very good friends of mine. We both still have 10 years to retire, but you are leaving me in the middle. I can understand this crisis, but I will undoubtedly miss you a lot.

For all those who know Mr. X as a true professional, who do things less and do more work and are always punctual, his mood is a bit different. I don’t mean that being a professional means having a slightly different mood but I want to tell you about all the fun sides of Mr. X who laugh loudly at jokes, who are ready to go on long drives, Those who walk in the morning and are eager to see the sunset.

Interestingly, Mr. X and I have completed engineering from the same college and that too with almost equal marks. He and I seem to have been best friends since time immemorial. I am very thankful to God that I met him and we became friends. Not that he is my best friend but actually he is also a wonderful person. There was a time when I was experiencing difficulties in my personal life. I lost my father and also felt very lonely.

He gave me all possible support during those days of despair. In fact it was due to his guidance that I could join this company. A few years later, I had the opportunity to go abroad but I did not want to lose my dear friend, so I rejected the offer and even today I do not regret my decision but I am thankful to God that I am such a good friend. gave. He is also a very nice person and an ideal person.

We have spent good and bad days together. We have handled many office projects simultaneously. We have woken up overnight and completed our work without any problems. We have celebrated victory and failure together. I cannot deny the fact that Mr. X knows my secrets more than my wife with whom I have spent so many years.

Well being their best friend I also understand that they are leaving us and we cannot even urge them to stay back because of this we are all quite familiar but the best thing is that you Will live in this city. So I will not abandon them even if they are going to work in another company.

We will surely miss you Mr. X but I promise that the ideology that you have started in the team will be followed by all of us and I would like to assure you that I need your guidance in future. I will definitely come to you We wish you all the best for the future.

Thank you.


Speech – 3

Hello friends! It feels great to see you all. My graduation, post graduation and office friends are all very happy to be together in one place. This may be a common thing for you guys but honestly for me it is like heaven on earth.

Each of you has given me many good memories and together we have enjoyed the best moments of our lives but it is a truly sad moment for me to witness this incredible moment when I You have to say goodbye. Yes, the time has come when I say goodbye to India and unfortunately to all of you. It is a game of luck that introduced me to all of you, but it is this fate that has now planned to take me beyond the boundaries of the country and brighten my future.

However, not all of us should be sad for this. It is only a kind of physical connection that will slowly fade away but we all need to remain spiritually strong. This intimate friendship will become stronger with more distance.

This journey was also very amazing, one day when we used to laugh out loud and today is the day when tears are coming in our eyes. There was a time when we used to fight and cry but now we all have peace and happiness. We all live happily together with each other.

The time we spent together has been very amazing. You all keep in touch with each other but for me this is the most difficult moment when I have to say goodbye to all of you together. I have always been taught to dream big and do big things and this step of mine is a practical lesson in this lesson but no one has told me that when you work for your big dreams then there may be a time when you May have to be a part of it. If someone had told me this, I would not have dreamed this big. I’m joking!

I know that my friends will be happy to see my growth and progress like they used to be in the past. I feel so happy when I hear this from your mouth “Man, he is my best friend”.

Soon the time will come when we will get together to cherish nostalgia and enjoy the fun moments.

I will miss you all very much and it is clear that this feeling cannot be expressed in words. Salute to this entire group of my lifeline. Thank you for coming into my life and making it good today. Along with my other things I have packed all the fun moments that remind me of you.

I love everyone very much and please be with me like this. Thank you for coming here and making this evening memorable today.


Speech – 4

Hello friends. How are you all

Finally our farewell day has arrived!

This is the day where we will formally say goodbye to our teachers and each other. This is the last day of our graduation.

Is it a mere coincidence or a game of luck that only about 2000 of us students are so well connected. Seeing your warm welcome here has brought tears to my eyes because I know that our friendship will now change at a time when we have to ask each other before if you have time to meet me… Yes friends, it will definitely happen.

I know that everything that begins has an end. I also remember when we were all upset with our work and used to say “when will my college education be over”. Strange and today is the day when I do not know how we will be able to live without each other, how to have lunch without each other and to avoid scolding of teachers.

Although our paths are now on the verge of change, different stages of life are about to change, but trust me I assure you that our bond will remain firmly firm for the time to come. Just give me a voice and I will be seen with you.

I think Farewell / Farewell is organized to meet each other, to interact. This meeting may or may not happen again after years. Only a few of us are able to meet who are best friends among themselves. It is true that this evening is a bit painful because our souls are very much connected to each other. This is because the heart is refusing to go away from you, this situation is making it difficult to get away from you.

I want our friendship to be as strong in the future as it is today and that you remain my friend just like you were yesterday. I will miss you guys very much. Our friendship is incredible and is not easily understood. We share a part of the same soul and live in each other’s heart as if best friends.

The end of college or this Farewell / farewell party cannot tear us apart. We are above and beyond this physical relationship. I would like to remember these 3 years of my time spent with you as a journey on which I do not want to lose hope because this journey is coming to an end. Please smile because we decided this beautiful journey together.

I just want to say that “I know that we will remain friends throughout our lives and continue to share our dreams together. We are all ready to move towards our new life for which we will not deviate from our goal but this Memories will be made forever and although we are leaving for different places and different journeys, yet we are together … because within the depths of our heart … these memories are always You went to become. “

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