The false myths of physical exercise

With the arrival of good weather, many people begin to practice some type of sport either outdoors or in a gym. But before beginning, it is convenient to know what are these beliefs so widespread about physical activity that are not true. In this way, you will know what performance you can get from your exercises and your effort. The Sanitas Health Promotion Service (SPS) debunks some of those myths on its website:

  1. Sweat slims. We lose liquid, but we do not lose calories, and since our body is 70% liquid, we lose weight at the moment. But as our body creates a sensation of thirst, it recovers all the lost liquid and minerals and consequently the lost weight. This means that wrapping yourself in plastic or going out at two in the afternoon to do sports in the full sun of August does not help you lose weight, but is a risk of dehydration and / or heat stroke, both medical emergencies.
  2. Athletics is the most complete exercise. It is swimming, which works more than two thirds of all the muscles of the body and strengthens the cardio-pulmonary system.
  3. The abs remove fat from the gut. It is an exercise that burns calories and therefore reduces body fat globally, not locally. Muscle grows.

4. Avoid water during exercise because it produces flatus. It is produced by the lack of oxygen and fatigue of the respiratory muscles. You should not stop drinking water while training because our body needs it to be hydrated, replenish minerals and function properly.

  1. Perform fasting exercise. The few carbohydrate reserves that we have from the previous day are used, we steal energy from the central nervous system and there is a risk of suffering hypoglycemia and / or syncope, among others.
  2. Walk after eating. During digestion it steals a lot of blood and this decreases the blood supply to the rest of the body. On the other hand, it will make it difficult for the digestive system to absorb nutrients because we weaken its function. Wait at least an hour.

(The Sanitas Health Promotion Service (SPS) is made up of 90 health professionals (doctors, nurses, nutritionists, psychologists, midwives) who advise on various health problems).


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