Tips to end cellulite

Commonly known as orange peel, cellulite is a functional and aesthetic disorder that affects more than 90% of women, regardless of their weight. Their appearance, frequently on the thighs, hips, at the roots of the arms or at the nape of the neck, can be due to different reasons, both lifestyle and health, that do not always depend directly on oneself to be able to control them .

The reasons that favor the appearance of cellulite are very varied, however the formula to help combat it is much more specific and must be acted on from the beginning of its appearance. It is necessary to take care of the diet, increasing the consumption of diuretic foods, legumes, vitamin A or whole grains and reducing salt, saturated fats, alcohol or sugar. In addition, it is necessary to incorporate physical activity into daily life and be consistent in the treatment with the appropriate anti-cellulite products.

According to a study by ThioCamp, it is confirmed that 95% of Spanish women are concerned about cellulite. However, 70% of them claim not to do everything necessary to combat it.

The results of the report clearly show a general concern of all Spanish women about weight gain; this concern being greater in the Basque Country, the Canary Islands and Andalusia. Followed closely by the discomfort with cellulite, which is accentuated among Valencian, Andalusian and Galician.

The attitude of all women regarding cellulite prevention and treatment is similar, despite the age difference between them. 32.5% of women admit that they do nothing to prevent cellulite, while only 26.4% comment that they prevent it throughout the year. On the other hand, there is 41.1% of women who mark it as a purpose, either for the new year or before the summer.

By Autonomous Communities, although the differences are not very significant, the study reveals that, in Madrid, women consider doing more to prevent cellulite, while Catalan women are the least committed to caring for this aspect of their physique.

In this sense, Dr. Concepción Llorens, specialist in Aesthetic Medicine, explains that in most cases, this lack of cellulite prevention is due to the general belief that its treatment requires a great deal of time. However, small gestures performed on a daily basis can help us, not only to avoid cellulite, but also to take care of our health: drink a liter and a half of water a day, decrease the consumption of caffeine and nicotine, sleep eight hours a day or avoid clothes. very tight and high heels ».

To the question “what aspects of your physique are you least comfortable with?”, Young women between 20 and 35 years of age mostly respond that they feel more disgusted with all aspects of their physique, especially cellulite and hair, while women between 36 and 50 years of age show greater disgust than young women for wrinkles but at no time do they leave cellulite aside.


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